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  1. Thank you so much for this post. It's an excellent starting point for someone like me interested in doing this. I appreciate all the links and information. This looks like a long journey but one that is just as interesting as the skydiving itself.
  2. Amazing pictures... thx for sharing. Must not be fun at all over there but your service for our freedoms is also amazing. Amy
  3. AWESOME JOB MICHELE! Amazing writing skills shine yet again!
  4. I can't believe you were near there doing...whatever it was you were doing! Amy
  5. Ahem... I've shared a pillow with you, let you have grips and I don't get those drunk calls??? You prick. Laugh, guess that would need safety pins tho, hmm? I'm not sure WHAT pics you have of me but I know we spent a night outside together...heehee. Not in my "house" tho so guess that doesn't count~ Amy
  6. Lisa, My sincerest condolences. Amy
  7. NEVER would I call you stupid...that's just a SH deal~ I liked the idea of the dryer with the Bounce ...that made me laugh! Happy jumping you ole half century thang you Have a great day at the DZ!
  8. Yayyyy for you Lisa!
  9. Awhhhh...not until next year??? C'mon now, sooner than that I hope! GREAT pics Kris! Still don't see no bunny ears! I left Raeford with some of the greatest memories....y'all rocked!
  10. *borrowed whistle* Blowing it LOUDLY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!!!
  11. YES, he most certainly is!
  12. Heehee, Aviators is VERY comfy, didn't know sleeping was an option there tho! Had a GREAT time! Thx Kate! Tony too!
  13. It was a wheeeee bit chilly last night in Chateau D' Amie...brrrr! Heard rain too but when I woke up, beautiful sunrise! Weather looks GREAT for today! Work sux! I had a FABULOUS time and thanks to EVERYONE ( if you want me to name names i can!) for the southern hospitality and pure nig noggery! Y'all have fun!!! Special note: Tony and Kate, y'all ROCK!!!
  14. I hope I have everything, is there any suggestions of something I may be missing? I've been getting ready all day, cleaned car, tent, mattress, drinks, clothes, other things...what else????