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  1. When my reserve pin popped out and the pilot of the C-185 handed me my reserve pilot chute on jump run with open door. blues, Marcus
  2. I jump quiet frequently at the ranch. Great place with a club vibe and good parties. Lot's of us stay there for the weekend in the tents. If you are that close just come by and talk to the people. The instructors are very professional and great guys. I will try to get a few jumps in this weekend, hopefully the weather stays good. Marcus
  3. Just be careful the early Neos had horrible hard openings (I got slammed very hard 8 out of 10 openings), that was apparently fixed with a new lineset with trim changes. There should be a thread about it here. I would test jump the canopy before, so you are happy with the openings. blues, Marcus
  4. You can actually survive without any actions. I jumped with a person where she did realize the open chest strap only after opening. The harness was very tight so the container did not move an inch. I do not recommend that, but in certain circumstances you might get away with it. As mentioned earlier always check yourself and your jump buddies. blues, Marcus
  5. Was trying that Neos as well and after 8 jumps seeing stars after opening, gave up. It is flying great but did not have the patience to find out the proper packing technique. Glad that it works for you, it is really fun to fly. blues, Marcus
  6. Why not consider to buy a brand new copy (I have one too)? It is well worth the price and the money goes to a world class skydiver and tunnel instructor. Considering the money we spend on coaching and jumps I think the investment for the DVD's are worth it and cheaper than a mountain bike. Also there is always the Classifieds section on that page. blues, Marcus
  7. Just check with Danniel if you are travelling through Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia. He does Tandem/AFF and I did my Tandem Instructor with him: blues, Marcus
  8. Who did your measures? Me and my wife got our own design suits, needed some alteration and it was free of charge. Probably could have been avoided if we had done the measurements properly. blues, Marcus
  9. by doing the math he should be around 1.96, I'm loading mine about the same and it is flying great. M
  10. I jumped CF2 109, Neos 109 and Katana 120. Out of them the CF109 is the most docile canopy with great openings. Some people say that the Neos has nice openings which I can not confirm (I had 10 out of 10 hard openings occasionally with stars in my eyes). Opening on the Katana was ok, but not as nice as the Stilletto 107 I jumped before. There are a lot of discussions around the Neos here, but I'm very happy with my CF2 with nicer openings and lighter front riser pressure. On swoop performance the others might be better but I'm not that advanced that I can tell the difference. blues, Marcus
  11. If the ThaiSkyFestival will happen in 2011 (unfortunately did not take place this year) you can jump a BT-67. That's a DC3 with PT6 turboprop. One of my favourite aircrafts (besides the C-130) :-) blues, Marcus
  12. I would suggest Sibson or Langar are in a reasonable distance and there are a few freeflyer (including myself). The tunnel in Bedford or Milton Keynes are not so far away either. Should be all in a 2 hours range. Langar is jumping all year round (did jump there last weekend), Sibson is opening in Feb. Have a look at Google Maps that helps. blues, Marcus p.s.> good source for skydiving in the UK is and the BPA site:
  13. If I would buy a new setup, I would buy the latest camera which is mostly used in skydiving and then get the helmet. If you want to buy 2nd hand you don't have a lot of options. Typically there are not that many cameras around which are used by the majority of jumpers. It is good when another jumper can give you tips with the camera or even lend you a battery or a charger. blues, Marcus
  14. no need to rush into buying a camera. Just wait a couple of hundred jumps and see what's on the market. I would only buy a PC109 when I get a 2nd hand helmet for it. Unfortunately the size of cameras are very different. Also a proper wide angle lense makes a big difference. Replacement for a broken old camera is hard to get. Rather than buying a camera, invest your money in jump tickets. blues, Marcus