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  1. So you are basically going with a "But MOM the British do it TOO" approach?
  2. Well I'll go and grab skydiver. I will take bids on Saturday or maybe that Haro Add I'm about to buy could be traded for it Stephan
  3. Nah rainy nights are awesome if you have at least a half way decent tent. I stayed in mine for a long time last summer and didn't get wet once. There are lockboxes but they are all reserved. I wouldn't be to worried though. I had my rig just in the hangar for over a month and had no problems what so ever. If you really want to lock it up you can always ask Manifest or put it in someones car. Ich bin von zwischen Dietikon und Bremgarten. Spreche schweizer Deutsch!
  4. Go Kangaroo hunting in the Blue Mountains. That was probably one of the craziest nights in my life...
  5. Yeah I'm Swiss (just moved to the US 2.5 years ago) and one of the swooper chicks is too! I DO like the idea of a Free Fall Fondue Eating record! The showers are AWESOME! It's the perfect way to finish a day of jumping with a hot shower and a six pack of beers while doing it! I'll be in Switzerland in July, where do you jump?
  6. Sweet more Swiss people, that will make 4 of us! You should bring some Fondue! Just buy a tent at Walmart. Costs 40$, then get a nice blow up mattress (20$) and two sleepings bags ($20 each). Just camp out. Best thing about it is you can just pass out without having to drive somewhere in the evening and you get woken up by the sweet sound of a twin turbine being started!
  7. It's the Ranch, there are NO Rules, just suggestions.
  8. If you freeze up and can't jump out of a balloon at 4.5k, what are you going to do if the engine catches on fire at 2k? Sounds like you'd be the guy blocking the door.
  9. I'm with you on this one. His friends should have just kicked his ass out of the basket... Friends don't let friends land in Balloons
  10. Well as this seems to be the most ground launching related thread in a while, I'll just (ab)use it If there's ANYBODY here from Switzerland, please PM me. I'm looking for info on ground launching. Thx!
  11. When I was 17 I spontaneously decided that it probably wasn't all that hard to run a half marathon. I was in decent shape from playing hardcore (European) Handball though. Turned out, it was easy enough. I made it with no problems in a little under 2h 50min. Only thing that sill bums me out is that one of our presidents (we have 7 in Switzerland) was 10 min. faster then I was... For the people that know Swiss politics, it was Ruth Metzler, at that time prob in her late 30's.
  12. Well that would be spamming then.
  13. Well apparently I overestimated the effort the community would put into getting some funds together to help small DZ's so if there's not more interest by tomorrow, I'll shut the thing down. Too bad for once the bonfire could have actually spawned something useful...
  14. I just changed to offers to make it even easier. You don't have to use your main e-mail, any e-mail will do. It's not much work but will help keep your DZ open!
  15. Common guys! Join the group and lets get some cash together!
  16. Are you planning on staying up late at the next few boogies or something....? Or maybe on being laid down early?
  17. Hi Guys! I was thinking how I could give back to the sport so I started this: Help Raise Money For The USPA! You'll have to fill out 2 surveys and for every person that does, I will donate $1.50 to the USPA Airport Access Fund. Please have a look at it and tell your friends!
  18. I've been ignoring my sister for months No need for her to see some pics...
  19. Wasn't me mate. Well, thanks to you anyways and Thanks to the guy/girl who actually did it!
  20. I think it's gonna be awesome! Will make it a lot easier to illustrate the effects of winds to students! Here is the Link to the Ranch. Would be awesome if you could add it!,-74.149808&spn=0.00496,0.011373&t=h&z=17 Thanks!
  21. Hausse


    Fixed ur clicky.... Fixed your fixed up clicky I always knew the Japanese were awesome...
  22. :0:0 No jumps but still a great weekend!
  23. When a generously sized newish F111 canopy lands you hard you've done something wrong. You should also be good enough that you can hit the pea gravel 10/10 times so that's not an issue. Well the canopy had over 100 jumps on it and I don't know about you but I doubt I'll ever be able to land a Fox 265 as nicely as I can my Safire II 139... And the Pea gravel is WAY to far from the hangar and the cool kids all land closer so that's not even an option