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  1. A friend of mine just caught someone with a miss routed chest strap and it got me thinking. Why are we using those weird buckles to fasten them??? Rigs are getting more and more fool proof and yet we still use a buckle that can EASILY be miss routed, no matter how experienced you are, and yes I agree people need to and should be careful but still, this seems to be something that could easily be changed and could very possibly avoid a fatality. Why not use a metal clip that does not need to be routed correctly every time but that one can just adjust and click in like a B-12?
  2. Going is for Pussys! We have it come to us! We have our own burning man at the Ranch!
  3. She should have kept the hat on...
  4. Yes he also pussed out on a wing suit jump cause there was a tiny bit of wind Did the jump later that day and it was awesome!
  5. just wait for him to get old.... Yeah maybe in some 15 years somebody else will get a chance to win something Oh and it will probably be Wawrinka!
  6. :1:0 One awesome jump with Bolas. Kicked ass!
  7. Hands down Lynns Prime Rib at skydive Wissota! There's not even a close second to that!
  8. About half of all my credit card expenses go to google adwords and they make me quite a bit of money so I suppose I at least partly fall into the investor category!
  9. Looks like I might give Amex a try. They have some nice cards. The blue cards have some great terms.
  10. Thanks, this is the info I'm looking for! Well here my situation: I generally pay my cards back in full every month, but due to the fact that I get payed irregularly from my business, sometimes I have to carry over a balance so I would still like a fairly low interest rate. Not too much into cash back as I'm generally too lazy to worry about cashing it in. Miles would be nice and perks like free rental insurance etc. wouldn't hurt either if the annual fees are reasonable. Which Cards specifically can you recommend? So which bank and which of their cards do you use and do you like them?
  11. Everybody can do that, but can you stick it out about half an inch, roll it into a "pipe" and make it whistle? If any proof should be necessary, I can upload it to youtube
  12. Hi Guys I'm thinking of getting rid of some of my old and high interest CC, and am looking for new ones, so what banks and kind of cards can you recommend and have you had good experiences with? My Credit score is good somewhere in the lower 700's Thanks!
  13. Holy shit that sucks. Well at least you got Oxy out of the whole thing! I was still feeling sick and the insurance didn't pay for me to get fucked up
  14. Drug Decriminalization in Portugal Nick Gillespie | July 2009 Print Edition Glenn Greenwald is a civil rights attorney, a blogger for Salon, and the author of a new Cato Institute policy study called “Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Policies.” The paper examines Portugal’s experiment with decriminalizing possession of drugs for personal use, which began in 2001. Nick Gillespie, editor of and, sat down with Greenwald in April. Q: What is the difference between decriminalization and legalization? A: In a decriminalized framework, the law continues to prohibit drug usage, but it’s completely removed from the criminal sphere, so that if you violate that prohibition or do the activity that the law says you cannot do you’re no longer committing a crime. You cannot be turned into a criminal by the state. Instead, it’s deemed to be an administrative offense only, and you’re put into an administrative proceeding rather than a criminal proceeding. Q: What happened in Portugal? A: The impetus behind decriminalization was not that there was some drive to have a libertarian ideology based on the idea that adults should be able to use whatever substances they want. Nor was it because there’s some idyllic upper-middle-class setting. Portugal is a very poor country. It’s not Luxembourg or Monaco or something like that. In the 1990s they had a spiraling, out-of-control drug problem. Addiction was skyrocketing. Drug-related pathologies were increasing rapidly. They were taking this step out of desperation. They convened a council of apolitical policy experts and gave them the mandate to determine which optimal policy approach would enable them to best deal with these drug problems. The council convened and studied all the various options. Decriminalization was the answer to the question, “How can we best limit drug usage and drug addiction?” It was a policy designed to do that. Q: One of the things you found is that decriminalization actually correlates with less drug use. A basic theory would say that if you lower the cost of doing drugs by making it less criminally offensive, you would have more of it. A: The concern that policy makers had, the frustration in the 1990s when they were criminalizing, is the more they criminalized, the more the usage rates went up. One of the reasons was because when you tell the population that you will imprison them or treat them as criminals if they identify themselves as drug users or you learn that they’re using drugs, what you do is you create a barrier between the government and the citizenry, such that the citizenry fears the government. Which means that government officials can’t offer treatment programs. They can’t communicate with the population effectively. They can’t offer them services. Once Portugal decriminalized, a huge amount of money that had gone into putting its citizens in cages was freed up. It enabled the government to provide meaningful treatment to people who wanted it, and so addicts were able to turn into non–drug users and usage rates went down. Q: What’s the relevance for the United States? A: We have debates all the time now about things like drug policy reform and decriminalization, and it’s based purely in speculation and fear mongering of all the horrible things that are supposedly going to happen if we loosen our drug laws. We can remove ourselves from the realm of the speculative by looking at Portugal, which actually decriminalized seven years ago, in full, [use and possession of] every drug. And see that none of that parade of horribles that’s constantly warned of by decriminalization opponents actually came to fruition. Lisbon didn’t turn into a drug haven for drug tourists. The explosion in drug usage rates that was predicted never materialized. In fact, the opposite happened. Source:
  15. The problem is you don't know how to negotiate. Read this book and it will be a lot more fun! [url ""]Secrets of Power Negotiating[/URL] It's a great read and everybody should have at least basic knowledge. Makes haggling lots of fun!
  16. Lol this thread got way out of hand Well the situation was this: It was Friday morning, my health center (with my primary care doc) was about 3h away, it was before the holidays so they were closed and I had insurance so I really didn't care too much where I'd go. I have a 0 copay anyways just thought that it was fucking outrageous to write a $1500 for doing nearly nothing.
  17. I just got the single most outrageous hospital bill ever. I had to go to the ER about 3 weeks ago due to feeling like crap for close to a week and being about 3h away from my University's health center. I was in the ER for about an hour, a doc talked to me, took blood and sent it to the lab and that was it. No drugs, no stay nothing. Just got the bill for $1497. I'm fully insured but I'll call them up tomorrow anyways and tell them that's ridiculous and that there's no way I'll pay it. Anyone have similar experiences?
  18. VIRGINBURNER, Hausse needs you What info do you need ? pfffffffffffft! speedriding sucks in sissyland, since you need a paraglider license and additionally, a speedriding one.. OOOOOOOR you could just have balls...
  19. 30798C9A Oh and i'd just like to mention: Blackberrys are awesome!
  20. I borrow my gear quite frequently (I'm not one of the weirdos who are crazy worried about it. Scratches etc. just happen) but I only borrow it to people of which I know that if they fuck it up they pay for it. If I thought I'd even have to mention that, they wouldn't get my gear.
  21. I'd assume it starts 12.00.01 or something like that. Not that it's an issue as the servers will prob crash about 12.00.30 and not be back up till like 6pm
  22. I think if I could get it done in anyway financially, I would actually buy the canopy to the price it was worth before I fucked it up and give them cash. Having it patched makes it lose lots of value so I wouldn't feel that that would be fair.
  23. I'd pay for it for sure and would expect the same from somebody borrowing my gear. You break it, you bought it.