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  1. Forgot to add: If you get some because of this thread, you are REQUIRED to post pics!
  2. The game is simple. You text someone: Hey, when are you gonna let me tap that? And then see what happens! Examples: Me: AY girl, when you gonna let me tap that? Her: Its 3 in the afternoon, you drunk? Me: time is of the essence. Her: your dating my friend no Me: so? Her: NO. Me: So when you gunna let me tap dat? Her: You want to **** me? Me: No. So is now good? Her:... I don't know if you are for real Me: As serious as the internet Her: come over me: ay what it is hoe her: You're drunk. me: nah girl. when can i tap that *** her: You're definitely drunk... me: nah girl. I wanna tap that *** so hard whoever pulls me out will become the king of england. her: You have a ****ed up sense of humor. More really funny ones here:
  3. It's alright Hehe they aren't very friendly over there so you'll fit right in
  4. Lol jump in high winds, do crazy Zoo jumps and pull way low, what else?
  5. Awesome advance of technology, but what are you gonna do with 256GB? It's probably gonna take about a week to transfer all that data
  6. So are you saying adults are never taken advantage of? There are a lot of people that want to work in television & film. I lived in L.A. for 10 years and people will humiliate themselves to perpetuate their dreams and so-called acting careers. Don’t be so naïve. Wait a minute... Some racist dude doesn't get banned but my sick and twisted pic gets removed?!?
  7. On the couch in the student room at a DZ. Doesn't sound all that exciting? Well there was a second couch about 5ft away with 2 people sleeping on it and they were very disapproving the next morning (pretended to be sleeping the whole time). With some luck, one of them will comment on it ;)
  8. Probably 10-12h if I'm by myself, prob about 6-8 when I'm at my girlfriends. I am an internet marketer so about 75% of that time is work.
  9. Why did you wait so long until deployment? Seems like I'd want to get something out asap to avoid me going into a spin if one leg came loose and give me more time in case shit gets tangled up.
  10. LOL about getting forwarded to a completely empty domain with godaddy (that just by itself is already sucky) ads. Might wanna get somebody to set that blog up correctly. I wouldn't use free hosting either.
  11. For the lazy people:
  12. Thanks! He's 2 1/2 now! He has 5 jumps in utero. You should get him to post on here. He's way more qualified to give advice then about 50% of the people on here who do!
  13. Wait you guys are doing a round trip? If yes can I hop on? If I don't have to pay for all the gas on top of jumps I should be able to do at least a few. You got to talk to VB about that ... I'll only be visiting
  14. skydiveswitzerland is on top of my list, so is ballenberg, and lauterbrunnen is right around the corner..
  15. skydiveswitzerland is on top of my list, so is ballenberg, and lauterbrunnen is right around the corner..
  16. I'd definitely go to Lauterbrunnen even if I was no jumper. It's the most gorgeous place I've seen in my live and I lived in Switzerland for over 17 years and have seen over a dozen countries [/brag]
  17. Because they work, they're easy to use and inspect, they contain one moving part and have a high degree of reliability. Any type of clip or locking buckle will have at least two moving parts, twice as many as the current arrangement. On top of that, you would still need a threaded portion for the jumpers who prefer to loosen their chest strap after opening. So now you still have the same old problems in addition to the new problems. Furthermore, any type of spring used to close or secure a clip or buckle would be a failure point you couldn't inspect. The spring will break when the spring wants to break, what then? Proper training (a must for safe skydiving) along with complete and frequent gear checks (also a must for safe skydiving) will solve the problem, and possibly many others at the same time. I vote for training and gear checks. Great points, thanks this is the input I was looking for! I definitely see the point about more moving parts etc.
  18. Thanks guys for all the input. I'm not worried about messing it up, I was just wondering why there isn't a more modern alternative.
  19. It just looks that way, the actual landing area is maybe as big as a football field (so in other words its tiny) AND the PAC lands on the Grass too. Awesome view though and cool jump! How come you took such a long spot? You must have been right over the big hill.
  20. How about a B-12 and standard combination? It never hurt to have a backup.
  21. Well there has to be some way with modern materials to make buckles that can't come undone (like the climbing ones that are screwed shut), are light weight, low bulk and easy to use. I would think that they would have an advantage over the current ones as they could not be miss routed.