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  1. Lol I just saw this thread, didn't even remember posting it. Great now I'll have to go hunt down all the other drunk posts... I went back to the same bar with my roommate around 12! I DID have a test. Even had to pull over while driving to said test to puke on the side of the road. Good times!
  2. Oh man this made my day! How long was the ban for the real meat spin? I got a whole fucking week for a lousy version of it without and dick spinning at all!
  3. I know what I'm doing when I find time and money to jump again. Find a hooker and teach her how to jump?
  4. Yeah I got banned over some lame ass version of the meat spin in the sick and twisted thread. Now I wish I would have gone big and showed you the actual makemonies that would have been totally worth the ban. Mods just don't have any humor.
  5. Use Wordpress. There's plugins that will do all that shit for you, TONS of themes and it's all set up in a day tops. Unless you want to build a site that gets millions of imps a day and have a 5k+ budget it's ridiculous to even consider having it custom coded when you can do it yourself in WP. If you need something for which there's no plugin (I have 20 some sites and have never not found a plugin that I wanted) you can get it coded much cheaper then if you need someone to actually change the code on your site.
  6. We need a function that allows to do a static Link to one specific Post. Just tried to show a friend a Post and giving the URL and Post number is lame, especially if the person you are trying to give it too doesn't know well.
  7. Just build the site in Wordpress. It can do fantastic stuff and is way easier to use then any editor. Then get a custom theme and your site won't look like shit which is what's going to happen if you build it yourself.
  8. Make sure the e-mail actually came from facebook. There has been a lot of phishing lately.
  9. I would be careful about using paypal with bigger transactions. If they claim a dispute, the Seller is usually the one getting fucked.
  10. Lol yeah but all I was saying was (paraphrasing): It sucks that my post got removed but to all of you that aren't pussies and would like to see it, PM me. Oh and it was a Gripe post not a gripe thread!
  11. Lol yeah it was fun while it lasted. Funnily enough they even removed my posts posting about why they removed my other post and offering to PM the people the Link to the reason for removal. PS: You better make a copy of this post quickly, chances are it will be gone within about 8 min 42 sec.
  12. Over 50% of my posts today got removed, so it's not that I'm not trying, they just aren't letting me
  13. Lol now even my posts about removed posts get removed?
  14. I think it was Hausse. I was scrolling down thinking what a cool pic, why is it in my thread, then BAM! Lol it was one of the funniest pics I've seen in a while for exactly that reason! I'll keep it on my domain for a while so you can send it around As last time with the disabled people porn, just send me a PM and I'll gladly forward it!
  15. no, not anytime soon!!! not until AT LEAST i have my B- License.. or 100 jumps.. actually.. im really excited for that.. NAKED JUMP!!!!!! Yeah that's kinda stupid to even think about it right now. Even if you don't plan to do it for awhile. B license or 100 jumps don't make a difference you can still screw it up. There is a reason you have to have a PRO rating to jump into places. I'm speaking out of experience. ... although if you don't mind the increased potential to get $60K worth of medical bills go for it. LOL why the fuck do you have that sig?
  16. me: so when you gonna let me tap that? her: wtf? great thing to strike up a convo with after not talking for three months lol me: is that a yes? her: you should know by now that i have a little more self-respect than that, *****. me: you sure about that? her: lol yes i'm sure. me: aight, i'm down with the whole self-respect thing. *20 minutes later* me: hey, what's your sister's number?
  17. ' So - does that mean you want me to tap that? Nah, just toss your vagina at me! ' I don't have one - I could throw a stick at you! Tried it, never works...
  18. Fucking Classic! I'm glad to see this thread take off, it will provide hours and hours of entertainment for future generations!
  19. Me: So when you gonna let me tap that? Her: just come over right now im horny too Me: Can you pick me up? Her: i'll call you when im outside
  20. Yeah, pretty sure it has! The thread on PBN is close to 300 pages long. With that many tries, even at a horrible conversion rate, somebody MUST have gotten laid!!!
  21. Well just send out the texts with a reasonable time lag, then you'll be all good! I also think, this game happens to be more for nerdy computer freaks then hot girls, as they get funnier answers Good to hear Turtle has been trying! Although it was obvious he'd fail miserably
  22. Somebody in Wicked copied it on Wickedfire (Affiliate Marketing Forum) so thats where I got it from! And yes, it's epic on PBN and its geatting really big on Wickedfire.
  23. The whole point is to send it to girls that you thought you could never get!