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  1. Okay thanks! How much of a runway and storage do they need? I assume I'd have to buy a parking spot somewhere close to SD and then take it to a commercial airport or can I just pick off from a grass strip?
  2. Haha lol well in that case thanks for the very funny but not too informative answer One thing is sure though, I'd laugh and point
  3. Are there any Ultralight pilots here? I'm thinking about getting one and would like to hear if you guys like them or not. Worth buying? If so, what kind? Are they pure fun vehicles or are they actually useful for transportation to some extent? So could I fly it to the DZ and back or is it not very practical to stray too far from a good LZ? Thanks! Edited to add: I have Zero piloting experience and will prob be flying it mostly in CA.
  4. Sometimes is the keyword here. I assume the other times you get punched in the face?
  5. I don't think you can jump at West Point but chances are once you get to the Ranch, that's where you'll stay
  6. How did he keep getting hired ? he worked for several different airlines. He obviously has skills not to get noticed. What bothers me more is we go through all this security crap at airports and here is a guy flying the plane and no one ever bothered to check his credentials. It says nowhere that no one check. Quote: "with a forged license" so I assume it was just pretty well forged...
  7. I started my own company, now I do what I love and make plenty of money. No one ever said you had to choose, if you think you do, you're just too much of a pussy to take matters in your own hands.
  8. So, not content with just ripping you off, they're also insulting your palate! You're just pissed the French fucked with some ignorant Americans and they didn't realize it.
  9. Hausse


    Lol skittles has quite a different meaning too and my guess is that's the kind of porn he's looking for
  10. It depends on how the lease is structured. Read through your contract and it should give you much more insight in what your rights are then posting on
  11. Agreed if you already spend that much money, this would be the way to go.
  12. Well according to the poll there are at least some people that find the idea entertaining, so I'll give it a shot. Good way to apply my newly learned PHP skills. Now I'll just have to come up with a good name. Suggestions are encouraged and will be rewarded with Mod rights if so desired
  13. Sweet that's pretty close to what I was thinking! I wanted to focus it much more though on the actual place. That site pretty much just tells you that somebody did it in your town which isn't really all that useful or entertaining. I was thinking more like the Dropzone list with ratings of the spot etc, the ability to add pics and so on.
  14. Maybe Twardo can back this up as a primary source?
  15. Lol These are exactly the stories that would be fun to read. Would you guys be willing to share your stories and your spots?
  16. Yes, that was my central idea for the whole thing.
  17. I am aware of that, I was thinking more of an interactive map with a forum and a way to share stories not just an article that tells you that the beach might be a good idea...
  18. I eat the whole apple with seeds and everything and I def don't remove the seeds from tomatoes...
  19. Sorry to disappoint, but there is no such thing as far as I can tell. On the upside I found it a funny idea and I'm thinking of building one. Just looking for feedback if anyone else thinks it would be useful and entertaining. Thinking of making a site where people can add great places to have sex (public bathroom, park bench etc) and share their stories. Edited to add: LOL I just realized that I would have to obviously include a Classifieds section
  20. Well I vote for the shorts (and no, I will not EVER call them boy-shorts) but those in the pic suck.
  21. Make sure to extensively cover the importance of Safety Meetings.
  22. I've been on here for a while now and I just checked it for the first time and there's 0 Messages. So I haven't missed much.
  23. Haha that pin striped jumpsuit looks awesome! Nice flying too!