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  1. Nice design but if you want it to actually make sales do the following: 1. Add your phone number on the first page in the most prominent spot (right above the menu) with a call to action. Call today: 488-478-1024 2. Get an account and put an e-mail optin form on your site, again with a good call to action. Even better would be if you give away something free like: 10$ off your tandem if you sign up to our newsletter. This will DEFINITELY pay off since you will be able to e-mail all the people that never actually called. 3. Pay someone to do some Search Engine Optimization for it. The site doesn't even have meta keywords so I'm assuming who ever built it has not heard much about SEO. There's quite a few other things that could be done but these are the 3 most important points. If you want more input, send me a PM
  2. If you feel like a Burger, go to Mortons on 1st and Island. Best Burger I've ever had.
  3. LOL that's hands down one of the funniest websites I've ever seen.
  4. And you can't spear fish with SCUBA in other places? Nope you can't. As far as I know it's illegal nearly everywhere in Europe (I'm Swiss). It's only legal without scuba equipment.
  5. Hey yup that's my plan sometimes this week! Also I just found out you can spear fish with scuba gear here, so I'll add that to the list! Thanks!
  6. I just moved to San Diego CA and wanted to see who's in the area and since skydivers are generally much more fun then anyone else, I figured I'd start here. Looking to get back into Scuba and would like to start surfing. If you're in the area and are up for some jumps, dives or surfs hit me up!
  7. Sounds like maybe when you pull over for a pee break, you should do so near a gas station? Seems like a lot easier option to me then trying to rig some wacky construction that will end up covering you in diesel, which in turn will lead you to lose a LOT more time then just looking for a gas station.
  8. I'm moving to SD in about 3 weeks, I'll definitely hit you up about it!
  9. I like self made mayo in shrimp cocktails best. Tastes so much better then the ready made one. Hmmmmm Dijon mustard
  10. Just spent 10 min trying to find those allegedly D-cup boobs with no success at all. Worst. Link. Ever.
  11. I'm a cheap bastard. I didn't even pay that much for a wingsuit. OHHH THAT must be the reason why I outflew your ass on that awesome cross country jump in a borrowed wingsuit that was way too small for me!
  12. No shit. Can't jump here, but even worse, a friend from Philly was scheduled to visit me yesterday morning. He rescheduled for next week...and at this point that's looking like a no-go too. Can you actually see/feel/notice the ashes or is it more of a precaution? Having a hard time to really figure out how bad it is.
  13. Switzerland just lengthened the no-fly rule until Monday at 20.00 local time.
  14. Thanks Lou, I learned a very valuable lesson! The lower you pull the easier it is to spot! I will remember that from now on.
  15. You're just playing with the wrong person.
  16. Lol ever considered that they might be right (too)? Nobody was rude, they just argued a different opinion.
  17. Hausse


    Lol the site is dead. I gues getting that much traffic is just as good as a DDOS attack.
  18. Yes and that is because very few DZ's still offer the option (which is sad in my opinion). Had my local DZ offered an S/L program, chances are the cost would have been much lower but since they didn't that was not an option. So I AM comparing apples to apples. It's simple, where can I get a good license for the least money. I bought my car in January 2007 for $800, drove about 40k miles in it until I sold it in 2009 for $700. I put new tires on once (less then $200), changed the oil every 3k miles and had maybe a total repair cost of $1000 (best car every, OP might not be so lucky so your assumption that I might have been calculating too little is entirely reasonable). For me personally I am 100% convinced that it was MUCH cheaper to do it the way I did it and that I could have not afforded it at the local DZ. Anyways, I think if the OP has the opportunity to fly to WI this summer, ($300 plain ticket), buy a cheap tent (60$) and stay on the DZ he should be able to get his license for under $1500 if he's good at living cheap. And on the way to his license, he'll have some awesome times at Wissota.
  19. The Title of the Thread is: "Where to get A-Certified Cheaply" and I told him where to do just that. It doesn't make any difference if S/L or AFF and from the quality coaching I got at Wissota I'd say I actually was a better jumper with my A then most people at bigger DZ's that mostly do Solos to get their license. On top of that, how many DZ's still even have an S/L program? Nearly all of them seem to only do AFF anymore because it makes much more money. Calculating $0.50 per mile makes no sense at all. The OP is wondering where to get the cheapest license possible so chances are he's driving a car that isn't the most valuable either. I was driving and 89' Accord at the time, it got 30 miles per Gallon so it's not even close to the $0.50 even if you include tires and Oil changes: ($180/40'000 miles*4200miles = $18.9 + $30 Oil Change = $48.9 expenses other then fuel)
  20. Are you nuts? That just means she was WAY out of your lead and you got REALLY lucky.
  21. Here was my approximate calculation: Cost of learning at the local DZ: close to 3k Cost of learning at a DZ 12h away: $750 Cost of travel: (700miles * 6)/30mpg * $3 = $420 Total cost: $1170 At the time I considered $1830 a very significant amount of money as I was in college and that was about 150% of my monthly income. So yes, I completely agree with your calculation and that it doesn't make sense driving 12h each way to save $300 but had I not taken the drive I would simply not have had the money to start. I'd do it exactly the same way again had I to do it with my current knowledge. I'd also prefer S/L over AFF simply for the much lower cost.
  22. Check out Skydive Wissota in Wisconsin. It's definitely one of the best places in the US to learn to skydive on a budget (or otherwise). Here's what I did: Used to live in Toledo, OH. Came on the forums about 3 years ago and was in the exact situation you were in. I simply didn't have the money to pay for an expensive AFF Class and then jumps in Michigan. Lynn from Skydive Wissota told me that I could get my A-License for $750 but I'd have to drive 12h to get to the DZ. Well I did just that 3 weekends in a row and I had my license. To the people talking about bad quality of instruction: My S/L instructor had over 5k jumps, the DZO with whom I jumped at least 10 times of my first 25 jumps had over 13k and the DZM (did about 15 jumps with her) had over 15k jumps. Absolutely fantastic and they did it all because they loved doing it, they even payed for their own jumps. I just checked and looking at the website the total price (including gear for all 25 Jumps) at the moment would be about $850. Best price you will be able to find at one of the coolest DZ's I've ever been to with some of the best people. The downside is they are only opened on Weekends and I think 1 day during the week in Summer. If you are really serious about it and can go up there for 2 weeks (3 Weekends and 2 weekdays) and get lucky with the weather, you definitely have a decent chance to get your license and having an awesome time! PS: Stay away from the couches in the student room.
  23. A few years ago a kid was driving his Mustang to the local drag strip with a freshly filled bottle of nitrous oxide in his front seat. As he passed by us the pressure relief valve popped off with a hell of a noise. The car filled with vapor and he slammed on the brakes and bailed out of the car. When the "smoke" cleared we ran over to the car and saw that his crushed velour upholstery was shattered like glass. Lol how was he doing on that much NOS?
  24. I built one. I flew it for a couple of years. I crashed it 5-6 times. Other pilot friends flew it and crashed it. I was a DZO, J/M, I-rating, 2000 hours flying jumpers, hot air ballooning and...nothing scared me as much as flying my ultra-light. Nothing. Why? Take a look: Notice that it has two engines of 5.5 HP each. What you can't notice is that it will not fly with only one. That's a poor design. In fairness to the guy who designed the machine, after 30 units with the 5.5 HP engines they increased the horsepower. With more HP--which I never upgraded to--my machine would be a very fun experience. Without enough HP I was victim of every little downdraft or crosswind. Not enough power and with a reverse-ruddervator not enough control. Bottom line: Learn to fly first, at a minimum solo. I had 1000 hours flying jumpers when I started flying mine. LOTS of heart-pumping, adrenaline flow and fear---if that's what you like. Spend a few hours using google; you'll learn everything you need to know. Be warned: They will scare you more than anything you've ever done. Sweet thanks for the input! So basically: 1. Don't build one but buy a good one with as much HP as possible 2. Learn how to fly first 3. I'm gonna shit my pants. Sounds like good times. How sever were those crashes? 7 in a few years sounds like it will be VERY exciting. Just found out that there is an Ultralight club in San Diego, so that's where I'll go to get a better idea about this once I move. Let's hear some stories about your flights guys!