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  1. Hm very interesting concept, you should definitely practice though with someone experienced at stupid human tricks *points at himself* You want him to do 69 tandems with you? You're mind is decisively not dirty enough and I was referring back to kmills
  2. Hm very interesting concept, you should definitely practice though with someone experienced at stupid human tricks *points at himself*
  3. It is illegal in most states to inform fellow employees if someone is HIV positive, or has AID's so why shouldn't all medical stay private? Well yeah I completely agree that someone HAVING AIDS should be kept private but the fact that those people did not comply with their obligation to get testes should not be private. At that point it's a danger to others especially in a hospital environment which is why it's required in the first place. I'm not saying they should make the list of who actually has TB public, but in this case there is medical information revealed just information about who's lazy.
  4. Why shouldn't everyone get that list? It ensures that the other employees make sure that a potentially infected person isn't harming others. Just do your stuff on time like your supposed to and you won't be on the list (not directed to the OP).
  5. Lol this is one of my top 10 favorite comments ever. Kudos!
  6. Lol haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Downloading the full movie now, thanks!
  7. Considering the sorry state of what is being passed off as "3D"? No. I checked a couple out and really liked it. Agreed that the goggles are annoying but it's definitely cool to watch.
  8. Lol funny how everyone is jumping to conclusions. Is the child a murder/rapist/something else fucked up? There's plenty of reason to dislike people and just because they are family doesn't make it any better...
  9. Can't believe no one suggested this yet: Wait a few months and then get a 3D TV.
  10. Lol wait I don't see any security problem in that to yourself what so ever. You being nosy and overly concerned with other peoples safety maybe but no threat what so ever.
  11. Hey guys a fellow skydiver and awesome musician Agent Lead just released his new album today and could use retweets, 5 star ratings on iTunes and sales, so I say lets give him a hand! Here's the link: And the twitter Hashtag: #teamalliance So please everyone, link to it, rate it, retweet it and buy it! Thanks!
  12. You guys are doing this completely wrong. The whole point is to simply ask if you can tap that and then just keep insisting on an answer. You have to stop doing all the nice talking bullshit, it ruins it.
  13. Someone should sue the parents for not teaching the little retard any common sense...
  14. Damn there go my chances... Cleavage Avatar no fair
  15. PM'd you! Is it a one way trip or back and forth?
  16. Agreed. I got at least a dozen parking tickets, two being on the phone tickets and a speeding ticket in upstate NY. Fought every single one of them. Never payed more then a third for any of them and no points either. The system is retarded but if you don't play the game you end up being the one getting fucked. Get a lawyer and fight every single one of them.
  17. Should have just pulled at 1200' over the DZ. Would have found the weed and not needed to pull the reserve...
  18. Actually, he is... Nope, our #'s are reserved but Skootzie and I both need to do the jump and the shot. Don't wanna start bending the rules. Lol so that pic was from the OTHER time you were wearing a red corset?
  19. I don't understand the question... How else would I sleep my way up???
  20. Bit of leg fondling going on there by the JM! Good video. I always keep a hand on my students legs. I think it is my way of giving them a little extra comfort. Especially when opening the door. Thats when they think they are going to fall out. I've never had any sexual harassment complaints. So, where exactly are you an instructor and as all the leg fondling is involved, I assume I should make a reservation? Edited to add: Damn just profile stalked you and you're a coder on top of leg fondler. So how you doin'?
  21. Lol wtf my post got removed because I said it's a smart ad campaign with all the PR they are getting? Never said I think it's good that they did it to the donkey, just saying from a marketing point it's fucking genious...
  22. Hausse

    OMG 25000

    How many of those in my thread? Lol my guess is quite a few I don't want to jinx it but skyrider has posted some just as bad as mine and got away with it, maybe I gotta get back in the game! Cheers to disabled midget porn!
  23. There was a plane in that picture? I know, I know, what was I thinking! Lol I actually had to go back to see it...
  24. Hausse

    OMG 25000

    Lol you guys are all around 3% ??? Damn I would have expected that at least some of you aren't lame but I guess I was wrong...
  25. Hausse

    OMG 25000

    Everyone can post whore so lets get to the really interesting numbers. I have a total of 1311 posts but only 1179 are found which means 10.06% of my posts have been removed. Anyone can beat that?