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  1. You should probably redo that and exclude all of Maggots posts and it will be quit different ;)
  2. Similar incident in Z-Hills for New Years 08 I think. Guy walked over a burning car and fell, burnt his ass and arms, lucky as hell he didn't fall in or it would have been a lot worse.
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    Can't be a Mirage, the panties are still on!
  4. Well the other option is having people walk in there and carry it out. Accidentally blowing up a few houses seems like a better idea then accidentally blowing up a few people.
  5. Megan Fox could be openly supporting Bin Laden, deliver nuclear weapons parts to Kim Yong Il and punch baby kittens and I'd still do her.
  6. Just have your lawyer send a cease and desist. I send them out frequently and also get them every now and then. General reaction is that they stop doing what they are doing. Problem solved and it's cheap. Should they not stop, you got proof that you C&D'd them before which will help you when you sue.
  7. You sure that the holiday had nothing to do with him not texting? Plenty of weird rules out there, maybe not allowed to use it during what ever holiday it was?
  8. But are these the kind of girls you can talk to without banging your head on a wall?? Nataly, I cant help you, but good for you not selling yourself short and just hooking up. And if this guy isnt interested in a smart and beautiful woman, it is his loss! It's a numbers game, do it often enough and you'll eventually hit a smart one and the path isn't too bad either ;)
  9. My strategy is somewhat unorthodox, I always kiss the girl before I ask for her number and it ALWAYS works. Been testing it for the last few months and it simply works. Here's my strategy: I go to clubs frequently and if I like a girl I'll say hi (sometimes not even that), dance with her for a couple minutes or so and then when she is facing away from me, put my hands on her hips, turn her around quick and decisively and just kiss her. Haven't gotten denied a single time and must have done it at least a dozen times now. I then keep dancing and kissing and ask for the number if she wants to leave (without me). Oh and I just started using the following text message as my next afternoon (I always text the next day, 3 day rule is bullshit) text: Question: Leather Lace or Licorice So far it works great. PS: No one is allowed to use that strategy in the greater San Diego area, I don't want it to get old!
  10. Come downtown SD (think there's a train) good parties here!
  11. If the data is of any value just get a second hard drive, take the current one out, install win 7 on the new one and plug the old one back in. You'll have all the data and more storage for $50 or so.
  12. Translation of parts of the Article: One of the skydivers hit the cable of a transport cable car which ripped apart the lines of the parachute and the man fell to the ground and then 40m over a ridge onto a snow field.
  13. Just for a frame of reference, how low is low to you?
  14. The other guys should have jumped past you, would have made for some good video!
  15. Yup they sure do. I'm 22 years old and I have never seen a single one growing up in Switzerland because they were already outdated when I was born. Now that I live in the US (and love it here) I keep getting them sent to me and I hate it...
  16. LOL at all the Americans criticizing the Swiss guy for being financially responsible. If more people here in the US would think that way, there wouldn't just have been a mortgage and credit meltdown. On top of that countries that still use checks (LOL) DEFINITELY don't get to make fun of wire transfers which are vastly superior and safer.
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    Same here, I never saw her.
  18. Hm seeing how many dudes responded to this, maybe I should make a similar thread and see how many girls I could take along on a cruise. 3 or so should be enough to keep me busy and tickets for all of us would be like $4k which would be easily worth it...
  20. While I agree that cheese can improve duct tape, but cheese improving sex? You're weird.... Eating some good Reggiano off of these would def work well! they look like the doctor has helped them. I don't discriminate against awesome boobs in any way.
  21. While I agree that cheese can improve duct tape, but cheese improving sex? You're weird.... Eating some good Reggiano off of these would def work well!
  22. In the corner, by the palm tree, is a shut off switch. They'll be turned off for Chicks Rock.
  23. Is there room for camping? Planning on coming out Friday night. Camped in front of the Office 2 weeks ago and then found out my tent was situated in between approx. 5 sprinklers...
  24. Hm very interesting concept, you should definitely practice though with someone experienced at stupid human tricks *points at himself* You want him to do 69 tandems with you? You're mind is decisively not dirty enough and I was referring back to kmills I guess I could have if I would have been sober. We can fight it out at chicks rock! ;) Then ya shouldnt have replied to ManagingPrime.