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  1. I say fuck them! Christians have been screwed by the Church and had their money taken for centuries for what now turned out to be a huge scam, at least let the gay suffer for a few more years to make up for it!!!
  2. Screw Cross keys (it's in Derty Jerz...) and come to the Ranch! We are much awesomer anyways!
  3. 0:0:0 but at least I'm in the United Arab Emirates on vacation
  4. Fair enough I suppose I could have given it a more accurate title.
  5. Depends what kind of coach jump I'm doing. If I am doing one for a licensed student that wants to practice something on his belly, I ask them to pay my slot (simply because I can't afford to pay it myself). There is usually not too much work involved except probably about a 15min. dirt dive and a short debrief at the end plus I pack for myself. If I am doing on for the school, then I get slot + $20. There is generally quite some work involved with about a 30 min. brief plus about a 20 min debrief. On top of that if I coach for the school, I generally use packers so that more students can get into the air. And lastly, the students pay the full price of a coach jump no matter if I'm trying to pay it forward so the only difference then is that the owner gets the $20 that I should have gotten and quite frankly, I need them more then he does
  6. REALLY? Thanks for mentioning it... As I already said, I was mostly interested in Christians and if you feel offended that I ignored you, feel free to do so.
  7. How very Christian of you! Hehe yes, I'm always doing my best to pretend I believe in that story!
  8. Well I was really mostly concerned about christianity and not at all sorry if I forgot you, fucker! The options I would like to add but can't figure out how to are: I grew up in a strict christian house hold and am still christian I grew up in a strict christian house hold and am not believing anymore. I grew up in a religious but not strict house hold and am still christian. I grew up in a religious but not strict house hold and am not believing anymore.
  9. Thanks guys. How do I edit the poll options to get them more accurate?
  10. Hi guys I just had a thought about heritage and religiousness and wanted to get some statistics! Thanks
  11. Great commercial:
  12. Hm their website isn't working. Well either way I think if I want to go to a tunnel I'll do it here in the US. No advantage in doing it in Dubai.
  13. Agree!!! She looks like a French version of Katherine Zeta Jones.... Admit bought the photo didn't you? No need to buy it
  14. Say hi to Billy for me if you go.
  15. I wasn't aware it was already opened. Might be a cool trip.
  16. Lucky you! Yeah but I still haven't decided if I should take my rig...
  17. Not me but I've seen pictures of freefall that looked like even more fun then usual
  18. I'm going to Dubai for 10 days.
  19. The RANCH! It's not nearly on the way (upstate NY) but so awesome, it's worth the detour
  20. You are aware that you are supposed to lie right?
  21. I get tipped for doing coach jumps every now and then and I'm always happy about it and generally reinvest the money in Beer for the DZ.
  22. In Switzerland 0 Tip is regular service, 5% is good and 10% is absolutely fantastic.
  23. If you already change your flite, why don't you fly into Newburgh/Steward airport? It's way closer to the Ranch and even if you have to take a cab from there it's only about $35