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  1. I have multiple jumps on the BaseR and while it's a LOT of fun, it wouldn't want it for every day jumping. It's gonna take you at least 30 min. to pack, if you deploy at regular altitude it will take you about 15 min to the ground, and as your main will be F-111 you'll pound in due to bad flare and the openings are fairly spanky too. It is free fly friendly though and LOADS of fun if you use it for what it's supposed to be used!
  2. Hausse

    Sex Dreams

    Lol the exact same thing happens to me all the time...
  3. Maybe he's just trying to piss off all the mid-30's women so that we'll post our racks to prove him wrong. Should that be the case, I will take back all my posts making fun of him and I will also call him grandmaster Skittles from now on! (But I doubt it so he's still gay)
  4. No gay guy in his right mind would have made that comment either. So if he isn't straight and isn't gay, what is he? Hm you are right. Well I suppose the verdict is clear then. Tranny alarm!!!
  5. At this point I would like to interject that I am still of the opinion that Skittles is homosexual (I hope phrasing it this way doesn't offend the gay again...) as no straight guy in their right mind would have made a comment like that
  6. l'm still in kids song mode so here we go:
  7. Lol more then 15 million views!
  8. Just post fun and happy songs, in what ever language, shape and form! Here my first one!
  9. Screw that and come to the Ranch Burning Man! We had a burning man that was prob about 30ft high, fire spitting and all of the other good stuff that comes with the burning man PLUS skydiving!
  10. I guess Skittles of DC cause of pants related gayness
  11. Does it qualify to be "walked-in-on" if you are having sex in a room (the most empty one you could find) in which there is also another couple sleeping and desperately trying to ignore you?
  12. Whining because your thread got shot down is so gay... Oh THAT's were it went... I was looking for it I had some more "PA"s left that I thought were funny as hell...
  13. Fuck no you can't!!! Just check out this thread (at the bottom):;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread Skittles of DC got his pantys all bunched up in his pussy cause of it...
  14. Lol it's even funnier if you switch somebody elses facebook without telling them!
  15. Yeah and most of my friends are speaking pirate now too in their posts
  16. Log into your facebook, scroll all the way down, click on English(US) then click on English(Pirate)
  17. That picture does no good in convincing us he's not gay...
  18. Why the fuck did you move that far away to begin with???
  19. I borrow my rig to random people every now and then so sure my SO could have it too.
  20. Mine has a crack at the exact same spot as yours and has had it for at least 150 jumps but I haven't had any problems with the display so far. I'd contact L&B. They have excellent customer service and will help you for sure!
  21. If you end up deciding to get a camera, check this one out: I know of several jumpers with low jump numbers (but much more current then your bf) that jump them with no problem and also several instructors that say it's the way to go for new camera flyers with low jump numbers. It's also nice and cheap and fits onto every helmet!
  22. I was in Dubai 2 weeks ago and although I did not get to jump, a Scuba instructor told me that there were some kick-ass instructors from the army there. He made it sound like it's definitely worth a visit!
  23. Hehe yeah now we just have to figure out if the left or the right hand. It will be a though call...
  24. VirginBurner with somebody REALLY desperate and drunk!
  25. Yeah but you forgot to mention that motorcycles are gay...