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  1. Time Left: 25 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Mirage G4.1 M3 + Silhouette 170 + Tempo 170 for a small person Harness tag reads : 14 16 -.5 -1 MRC This handy guide from Mirage shows how to assess the harness fit : The container has : 14" MLW (i.e. Mirage says : 5ft to 5'2" person, But my recommendation is to be a bit bigger, please see below) 16" Legpad (i.e. for 24-27" thigh) -.5" stabilizer (i.e. 27-30" waist) -1" yoke (i.e. up to 34" chest) The model pictured is 5'2" and this was a bit loose on her, so this is best fit for someone around 5'4" average sized. Container : Mirage G4.1 M3 Stainless steel hardware fully articulated harness (chest and hip rings) cut in laterals freefly bungy AAD ready RSL included DOM 02/2005 in wonderful shape, looks to have under 250 jumps Main : Silhouette 170 DOM 11/2005 Canopy is used and in very good shape. There is a single stick-on patch 400 jumps, on the material and lines lines still in decent trim and won't need a reline for another 100-150 jumps hybrid 9 cell canopy - easy to pack, fun to fly Reserve : PISA Tempo 170 DOM 04/1998 white great shape 20 repacks, 1 ride AAD : not included, but (obviously) AAD-ready


    Cleveland, OH

  2. Time Left: 25 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    PD 143 reservesolid white colorDOM : 07/1997.fresh from PD where they : * re-certified it for 35 repacks/21 rides* replaced slider grommets* replaced one line tab* replaced lower steering lines.Will include new PDR Slinks


  3. Time Left: 5 days and 17 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a 26ft(ish) round reserve.Must be air worthyNo terribly picky on anything else


    Cleveland, OH

  4. Time Left: 5 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Anyone want world's most boring colored 249 sq ft parachute ? I got one !.Have you ever considered how uncool white or orange reserves are ? Once you land off, it's all dirty, and your peers make fun of you. Avoid that by getting a bounce'n'blend colored canopy ! If you land off and do a bit of rolling in the dirt, you need to do NOTHING - just pick it up, and waltz back onto the DZ like you own the place - no one will even notice that you may have had less than stellar landing. As a bonus, if you happen to land within the legal boundaries of the land owned by McNasty, you can use this to hide until the help arrives. All in all, I am doing you a favor by posting this multi-purpose gem for sale, and I expect nothing, but a measly $400 in return. Yes, apparently chivalry is still not dead ! . If you are a hardcore BASE jumper who sometimes ventures into the less than legal jumps within the NPS (Nazi Park Service) perimeter, this could also make a good stealth wing. Hypothetically speaking, that is... . It's a Raven III which measures 249 sq ft and was previously used as a reserve. Can be used as a main (has a bridle attachment). . Excellent shape Dacron lines DOM 06/1992


    Cleveland, OH

  5. Time Left: 4 days and 18 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Perfect turn rig for someone average sized who stands 5'8"-5'10" C17 harness low mileage Javelin NJ that's fully freefly friendly good BOC velcroless risers everything is in tip top shape aluminum hook knife in the right mudflap born 06/1998 includes Tempo 120 reserve DOM 1995 NJ container - maxes out at 120 ZP or 135 hybrid main This whole thing is yours for a measly $950 - and I won't even charge you for the closing loops !



  6. Time Left: 2 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    The rig is complete and in mint shape - it has only 17 jumps !!! The rig hasn't been used since 2003 Container : Vortex II Student (size 285) RSL installed Adjustable harness Quick Ejectors on the legs straps AAD ready DOM 07/1999 Comes with all the student rig options : regular PC with PVC handle and dbag spring loaded PC + SL dbag w/ shackle + 4 SL ripcords Main : ZP 235 DOM 06/1999 has been in the rig since new - last used in 2003 in mint, like new shape, with a grand total of 17 jumps !!! dacron lines Hybrid canopy - ZP top skin, F111 bottom and ribs. This is basically a Navigator-like parachute. Reserve : Performance Designs PDR193 DOM 01/1992 all white dacron lines Total of 16 repacks with one after a ride. This has been installed in the rig at assembly time, and was last repacked in 2003 AAD : not included, but (obviously) AAD-ready


    Cleveland, OH


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    OMG !!!!Are you a 6(ish)ft 220lbs(ish) individual who needs a rig that fits a PDR176 and up to a 210ZP main ? Damn, do I have a deal for you!!!This Teardrop was manufactured in 2002, and after 450 jumps was put away in 2004. It's sad, and wants to get back to breathing liquefied dinosaur remains.Specs : • DOM : 02/2002• Jumps : 450• Main : Will fit up to a 210 ZP• Reserve : Will fit PDR176 (OP193) or equivalent• Harness: built for 6ft 220 lbs and has a little room to go either way.The cool: • 1 pin Teardrop - fully FAA TSO'd, but not common in the USA• made from alcantara/suede (very uncommon)• Everything is in mint shape and nothing needs attention• aside from the 3 ring system, the rest of the hardware is stainless steel• articulated legstarps • BOC is mintThe uncool:• It's been stored for almost 15 years. It's very depressed and it wants to fly• It's only $500 USD !!!


    Cleveland, OH

  8. likestojump

    VSE Infinity i5* freebag - brand new


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Brand new freebag that fits i5 series of containers.Brand new, never used.DOM 2015


    Cleveland, OH

  9. likestojump

    Sabre 2 lines on Sabre 1

    Not impossible. Have you contacted to see if PD is willing to make you a vectran lineset for the original Sabre ? Have you contact Pete Swan to see if he is ?;
  10. likestojump

    Cookie G4

    What experience do you have with other skydiving full face helmets ? List the "mile long list of crap they need to fix on the G3". Please. What do YOU look for in a helmet ? Do you realize that no product out there is 100% perfect per everyone's expectations ? Are a you by chance a millennial ?
  11. I was going to suggest you search USPS rate, but I am not going to ;(
  12. likestojump

    G4 Mirage system

    Your credibility is shattered by having single post and by praising a single brand. Most skydivers praise whichever brand there are currently jumping. I've owned most major brand containers out there and my statement is "they all have their quirks".
  13. The article is too genetic to be considered useful. You aren't answering most newb questions.
  14. likestojump

    help finding parts for my rig

    I got reserve toggles.