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  1. There's actually a lot of controversy about this. Everybody wants to claim it, so everybody will have different stories.
  2. WrongWay

    what's your average hd fall rate?

    Usually somewhere between 140 mph and 200 mph. Seriously, don't really concentrate on "speeds" per se. If you're there, you're flying the right speed.
  3. WrongWay

    How do you do a layout?

    Fly your positions, don't ever throw them.
  4. WrongWay

    Daffy or straddle in HD?

    Mix it depending on what you need to accomplish.
  5. WrongWay

    Side flying?

    I posted about this vry subject quite some time ago....can't remember what it was called, run a search. You'll surely find something on side tracking if you run a search as well.
  6. WrongWay

    Average fall rate calculation

    Don't shoot for average numbers. Just make sure you can stick with whatever dive you're on. They're going to change every time.
  7. WrongWay

    A plea to the videographers.

    Cuz size does matter.
  8. WrongWay

    I think I finally got this HD stuff

    Sweet! Now ya just gotta get up here and jump with us!!
  9. WrongWay

    Freefly Load Organizing

    I always want an organizer to give me a challenge. None of this "Okay, we're gonna exit in a flower, turn it into a round, open accordian, round, open accordian, round, open accordian, round, open accordian, round, open accordian.........." stuff. I like it when they change things up and throw something unusual in the mix, whether it's a weird exit or a strange point. As long as it's original and challenging, I'm happy.
  10. WrongWay

    Head down advise needed

    My opinion......at 111 jumps, stick with your upright flying. Just cuz you can hold the position doesn't mean you've mastered it. People will tell you a lot of different things, but here's my personal progression recommendation. In a sit, I think you should be able to have CONTROLLED movement in all directions (including sideslides), be able to do transitions on all axis (flips and such) while staying on level, and be able to take docks and HOLD them with either hand and either foot. Then you can consider trying some inverted stuff. Trust me, learn all this stuff and wait for head down. You'll be glad you did later. The fun is in the journey, not in the destination. Good luck, and have fun!! Oh, and no matter what, work on your backfly while you're at it...it'll come in handy.
  11. WrongWay

    2005 Freefly Goals

    [ED] Season is started!! YAY!!! [/ED] For me.... I also want to spend more time flying upright....I've gotten rusty, and it seems all of Tecumseh is going to be doing much more upright flying this year, with good reason. Big way skills.....enough said. Transitions....I need to clean them up a little. And I really need to do more tshirt and shorts jumps.
  12. WrongWay

    Freefly popularity

    Yeah, but other than "When is it safe to start freeflying", "What kind of container do you recommend for freeflying", or "Check out this cool pic/video", what are we gonna talk about? Edited to add.....here's a short video to tide you over till someone posts something cool. Frankly, I'm fresh out of ideas. http://www.skydivewrongway.net/HTMLobj-805/ThreeWayLowQuality.wmv Filmed by Corey at Tecumseh.
  13. WrongWay


    Sucka, you should've called me!! I'll PM you the info sometime today. Edited to add: Okay I can't find the exacts....I had them written down somewhere........but here's some good info to get you started and then tweak it from there. So when can I come fly it with ya? http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=672257;search_string=vladiball;#672257
  14. WrongWay

    "Big Up" to Max and Royal-Lens.com

    Right on dude, I have a .3 from RL, and it's NOICE!!!! When I can get some $ I'm gonna get the .5 too.
  15. WrongWay

    Toes in the sand?

    Turtles don't do sand dumbass, you'd get stuck. Amphibious creatures should stick to water.