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  1. How sad is it that I have not signed on to this site in several YEARS & this is the first post that jumped out at me??? Sad I tell ya, so very sad... Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  2. I will go ahead and predict this now. Darren McFadden goes top 5 maybe even top 3 (imagine the Falcons with a dominant back) & Felix Jones goes before the end of the first round as well! Exactly, and although Michael Adams (UGA President) didn't go about the right way; his playoff idea is the exact same setup I would push for if my opinion mattered... 1) 8 teams, each major conference sends 1 (each major conference would pretty much have to have a championship game then) with two at-large bids. 2) use the 4 bcs games then plus 2 3) in order to keep it a one semester sport, shorten the layoff between the end of the regular season and the start of the bowls I would also never allow the "who gives a shite" games to happen after the start of the bcs playoffs. (i.e. Tulsa/Bowling Green this year) Of course this will never happen, but every other major sport (both college and professional) has a playoff system. Let it be settled on the field! Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  3. Notre Dame will never join a conference unless forced. The reason: MONEY. If part of a conference, ND would have to open their books for one, & secondly they would have to share their bowl money and any TV revenue. Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  4. There is absolutely no chance of me being absent for this. Jen, LCJ, & I will all be there! Be rude not to... Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  5. As a Georgia fan I want to see UGA matched up in a bowl against the team that poses the best challenge. This year that would have clearly been USC. The two hottest teams in the second half of the regular season. That is where I see the BCS as utterly flawed. If it were in place only to decide the championship game, I am fine with that. However, I was under the impression that the ideology was to place the top two teams in the MNC, then the best matchups in the remainder of the BCS decided games... In essence to get away from some of the "tradition", and in turn create "better" matchups. Of course an 8 team playoff is the most logical answer with each major conference having a championship game to decide who goes; with 2 wild card slots to allow for a second team from a dominant conference or an undefeated Hawaii team, etc.. Maybe then Notre Dame may have to play in a real conference Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  6. Yep, that's what I think too. If Georgia hadn't blown it at Tennessee, they would be in there instead of LSU. We can only dream. The game I'd have loved to see was USC-Georgia. But if the BCS had given us that, there would be a lot of people thinking the winner was the "real" national champion, and realizing the BCS is a joke. I'm really interested in next year, though. The Dawgs are only graduating a couple key players, and most of them either have replacements who are looking as good or better (Thomas Brown for Knowshon Moreno, for example), or are surrounded by returning players who can probably make up for the loss. The only holes that I'm worried about are Marcus Howard and Brandon Coutu, and even then I'm not very worried. First off, everyone in the country wanted to see Georgia and USC in the Rose. However, the Rose bowl never even asked if they could bring in Georgia. This is the part that bothered me the most as a Georgia fan. I don't think we deserved to be in the Championship game after the way we lost to Tennessee. Which, if UGA had only taken care of Spurrier's Cocks like they should have this would have never been as issue... Anyway, I feel that the BCS did not want the Rose bowl to be bigger than the MNC. USC and UGA were by far the two hottest teams in the country as of the second half of the season. Georgia is returning 17 of 22 starters. That plays very well in the Dawgs favor. However, take a gander at next year's schedule: http://www.sicemdawgs.com/football/sched/fbsch_08.php I think we will be lucky to be 10-2 at the end of the season. I think coach Richt will have them ready for every game, but that schedule is brutal; especially on the road to LSU and Florida in back to back weeks (not that on the road to Carolina & Arizona State / then home for Alabama will be easy)! Losing Marcus, & Coutu hurts, but so does Brandon Miller. Blair Walsh looks like he could fill the Coutu void as a freshman. I also think you will see some changes in the D line. If signing day goes as though it looks right now, Georgia is picking up a few "immediate impact" recruits. Richt finally showed this year that if a true Freshamn is ready, he will play. The players I am most excited to see next year are Caleb King and AJ Green. Go DAWGS! By the way, for all those that didn't believe it before, yes the SEC is faster than the Big 10 as a whole! Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  7. Wow Kris, great looking kid you have there!
  8. teamjenn1 - Why? She my baby momma! Not to mention that she is also incredibly HOTTT! As to what she is doing.... well, that is not for public consumption! Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  9. Most likely he will be on his mother's lap impatiently waiting for her to try and make him a personal batch of whipped cream? Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  10. Sounds like we would like to have the same things... Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  11. As I am part of said "small contingent"; I must say: The FISH tacos are the BEST! Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  12. Hopefully there is some left over Andrew's in the camper to fix that... Remeber: 1 = you're good 2 = you'll shit yourself Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!
  13. Great comeback victory by the way! Thank you very much for donating the trophy back to The Farm!
  14. Greg, I think that is a very noble thing to do. The money that I would have gladly paid for my slot will now go directly in to the donation fund for Brandy. C-Ya Saturday, Ben Goudha is for Buddha, and that's good enough for me!