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  1. We invite all CReW Dogs for Canopy Formation Camp - official training for CF European Record in October 2016 - experienced load organizers, members of the World Record Team - CReW Dogs from many European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, Estonia, Germany ...) - plane Skyvan SC7, PETE dropzone in central Poland, city Piotrkow Trybunalski - posibilty of attending CF FJC (first jump course) - posibility of renting CF canopy PD Lightning - ticket price 25euro/jump, entry fee 25euro , depends on the exchange rate. - time: 02-05/06/2016 - 4 full days of skydiving - accomodation on dropzone 10euro / night - we guarantee lots of CF fun More information will be posted here: Contact person: Marcin crwmarcin(at) Lost In the safest position in CRW
  2. Do you think it will stay in Bosnia&Hercegovina. There is a very difficult situation in the country
  3. information on FAI site after IPC meeting: CF world championship will be held in 2014 in Banjaluka (Bosnia&Hercegovina) Lost In the safest position in CRW
  4. Hi guys, Do you know about CF competitions in 2013? 2 way seq? I am asking about international events. World Championships in CF are hosted every year or every two years? Thanks for any info Blue skies Marcin Lost In Space team Lost In the safest position in CRW
  5. Hello Regarding this photo and "flags" Do you know what were the dimensions of this ribbons? How long, how high, what kind of fabric? Thanks Marcin Lost In the safest position in CRW
  6. hi to all, did anybody tried to put a Pilot 168 in Icon size I4. Do you recommend or not doing this. Does it have any influence on container's lifetime? I want to buy also Smart 150 for this system. Will it work all together? thanks blue skies Lost In the safest position in CRW