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  1. mikewza

    Skydive Spain

    I was at the xmas boogie and had the time of my life. in 3 weeks i managed to get in 120 jumps with all sorts of people.the load organisers ensured there was variety, from 9 way tracking jumps to hoop jumps and more. there were instructors in all disciplines (except skysurfing) which were always at hand to offer advise and even joined me on a few jumps.i never had to wait long for a lift and the 4 aircraft were always up, or going up. i will def be at the easter boogie for more of the same...
  2. mikewza


    I got my Sabre 2 135 after doing 150 jumps on various other rigs (Saffire 2 149, Sabre 1 and others...). Since jumping it i have been madly impressed by its performance. It has a wicked flare, instantaneous response to toggle input and is generally great fun to fly. It was forgiving when i first jumped it whilst allowing me to progress to more aggressive turns, landings etc. All in all this has been a perfect purchase for me. It will see me through another 300 jumps before requiring a change.
  3. Hey Ryan, Do yourself a favourand start jumping at a DZ that rents a good range of quality canopies. i regularly took 10% off my WL and by the time i did 150 jumps i was ready to by myself my beautifull 135 Sabre 2. By then i had progressed through a 149 Saffire 2, 169 Saffire 2, 175 Sabre etc. Also, dont be lazy under the canopy. Make the most of the time by playing with the risers and toggles and seeing how the rig reacts in various conditions. Also, plan your approach and landing spot s this will give you a good indication of your current level. But, it will get expensive to keep buying new rigs every time you want to downsize. Renting is relatively cheap in the long term if your intention is just to acclimatise to new rigs and wingloadings. fly high... fly long.
  4. lol, i take it you are a packer... you have to do more than pack to get beer tokens from me... i have been psycho packing the rig since getting it. i have now done about 130 jumps on the psycho pack which is working out great. sometimes i get off heading openings but normally i have smooth, straight openings just like i want. it is also really quick taking me less than 10 minutes from dropping the rig to putting it back on the rack. highly recommended. fly high... fly long.
  5. thanks,will try it and let you know... fly high... fly long.
  6. Until now i have been renting rigs and as such have not had a hard time packing. I have just recently bought a beautiful sabre 2 135 javelin oddysey combination. problem is that i just cant get the f***ing thing into the bag. packing is an absolute nightmare and leaves me frustrated and wanting a beer. is there any advice for a guy like me who is seeing stars everytime he has to pack??? fly high... fly long.
  7. Is a step up ring required to fit a wide angle lens to a pc1000? if so, what size lens would that be to? fly high... fly long.