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  1. I'll be taking 40 from Raleigh down to 95, looks like a town called Benson is right where they intersect.
  2. Hmmm, thing is that would add on 3-4 hrs to my drive... That's pretty steep...
  3. I am driving down the 17th from Raleigh, NC and would be willing to pick him up. Any way he could make it over to 95 though? New Bern is kind of out of the way with the drive being sizable as is. Hope he packs TIGHT, moving out West and leaving directly from the boogie, so my car is going to be PACKED. But if he can get to 95 and that works for him, he's got a ride. Let me know.
  4. I'm sure this info is in this thread somewhere, but I'm waaaaay to lazy to read all 19 pages to find it. Can anyone answer the following questions for me quick?! 1 - On-site tent camping/showers available? 2 - Boogie Fee? 3 - Main canopy demos available? 4 - Can we restrict Bolas' thong usage?!
  5. Thanks for the clarification. DAMN, that's some impressive flying. But still... GO RANCH FALLOUT!
  6. Following a few teams in this competition and curious. What are the levels of each division? Is Open the hardest/highest level of competition or would Advanced be the top division? I see some crazy point totals in Open and wonder if they are THAT good, or the formation sequences aren't as tough as the Advanced division. Either way, GO RANCH FALLOUT!
  7. Staplegun didn't you lose your manhood a while ago?! See you this weekend sir...
  8. Etch5

    Blue Skies Mag

    Soooooooo anyone hear anything about the September issue yet?!
  9. Etch5

    Blue Skies Mag

    Anyone get the September issue yet? Just curious. I know they had the whole deal with the printer, etc etc...
  10. That's exactly what me and a few friends did back in May. Elsinore, Perris, and San Diego, in 4 days. 2 days spent at San Diego. Easy to hit them all, made 27 jumps total, was a great trip.
  11. Back in May I made a little SoCal trip with a few friends. While the DZ isn't right on the ocean, Skydive San Diego had a gorgeous view of a reservoir, some surrounding mountains, and very consistent winds. The people were very nice as well.
  12. New jumpers, please don't fall for this lie. This guy lives to pray off of rookies. Placing yourself in a car with him for any length of time with nowhere to escape will be extremely detrimental to your health. Billy, man up and show up to The Ranch if you want to hang. Don't crutch yourself on others!
  13. That sounds extremely overrated... Wingsuit demos this weekend, get up here!
  14. Stapleton, get up here so I can mix you up a roofie-colada man!