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  1. How will anyone know where to land without the boobs and pu**y?
  2. This is only 20 minutes from my Aunt's house! She'll be so happy to hear I wantt o come visit more often. Good luck w/ the move!
  3. Everything you listed as not having in common were hobbies or activities. My husband and I don't really have these things in common either, but we have personality-type things in common. If you can make each other laugh or have lengthy conversations about nothing, these are things you have 'in common.' It's not just about what activities you do. Those things may change over time, but your personalities won't (that much). I have a lot in common 'activity-wise' with a bunch of dudes at the DZ, but I sure as hell don't want to spend the rest of my life with them. Just something to think about.
  4. Really? I've listened to mine on the ride up and it 'mysteriously' died recently...
  5. T-giving boogie in NC, definitely. If you mapquest the airport it's very northern NC, (only 4 hrs from baltimore), so it's pretty reasonable driving distance from NJ as well. Plus - CASA!
  6. It could be baby sh!t green and I'd still be as excited as a fat kid w/ cake!
  7. Contact Gary at I've gotten amazing deals on my canopies from him. Prices on the site are in GBP but if you contact him he'll give you a quote in USD. (Also get a quote from every other dealer you can think of! Can't hurt to shop around/do your research) Looks like a pretty good price, but I'm no expert
  8. bmore_chrissy (and at least 2 other Delmarvans. Probably more.)
  9. What's the word on pre-registration? When and where and how can we do that?
  10. It's totally a scam - I got the same email for my ad. I forwarded to [email protected] How long does it normally take to be posted as a scam?
  11. Hmm... looks like a couple of us Delmarvans may be in! Sounds like a blast and I'll bring beer because it'll be my first Casa jump
  12. They are open on Mondays but you can call manifest to see when they have loads going up.
  13. Hey! We should be flying the otter all weekend, and the weather looks good as of now! Not sure if the jump ticket would be good, you'll have to take that up w/ manifest.
  14. You didn't say where you're money is in the US (asset type-wise), which makes a difference. Unless you have over the FDIC-insured amount, and you believe that the US economy is going to permantly collapse - ever heard of 'buy low-sell high?' Why would you take your money out when the market is very low? Keep it diversified (probably in non-financials for now) and you'll be fine. Otherwise, you're just another person yanking their money out drive the markets lower.
  15. Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparklemotion! Sorry, but I don't trust anyone who wants to teach creationism in a science classroom, or who holds her stance on abortion. In my opinion, which may vary greatly from others,' those two things allow me to label her a 'nutcase.' I don't trust someone who wants to combine those values with a political agenda.
  16. DONNIE: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit? FRANK: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit? Also: KITTY FARMER: Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion. Best movie EVER
  17. Woohoo! Inside sources tell me the 'full moon' may not be a reference to lunar activity, if you know what i mean. Can't wait!
  18. Uhhh... it didn't sounds like the OP was crying / whining / etc... he was just asking what the 'shopping around' culture is when ordering gear. He also seems to understand that lower price isn't always worth worse service. It's about value for your money. I'm not sure about the skydiving culture for asking to match a price, but I'd say it's common enough among the distributors that it can't hurt to politely ask if they customarily do match prices. If not, either pay up or be polite and move on to another distributor that costs less but still provides the service you're looking for, whatever that may be. Again, this isn't really from experience, just my opinion.
  19. Possibly slightly healthier and also delicious - grilled Nutter Butters. A 4th of July tradition for my crowd.
  20. Hey, I jump at Delmarva. I don't know of any hotels but at the DZ there's plenty of space to camp, a bunkhouse that usually has space, and plenty of couches. You could check out or other sites for hotels in Laurel, DE. Should be a great weekend!
  21. I got mine from the classifieds, but my friend got hers for a pretty fair price from here: They've usually got a few in stock.