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  1. Hey guys, I have 31 jumps with my A license I got at 25 jumps and 35 min of tunnel.. I don't have any gear and haven't jumped since 11/07. I stopped jumping because I bought a motorcycle and did not know what kind of gear to get so im looking to get back into the sport...Obviously im going to re train first but im trying to get an idea of cost to get a good rig... Last I jumped with was a nav 220 student set up and I never had a bad landing knock on wood! looking for free fly friendly... Cost: 3-4k w aad Good used or new, 140lbs 5'6. Can someone point me in some directions? Thanks. 25th dive A license
  2. read the youtube info, for more info Comments are very welcome. I now have 30 jumps since this, and an extra 20 min in the tunnel since as well. So im not as flat anymore haha
  3. I believe NASA owns it. And its not your shit out of luck my friend.
  4. Wait, Because your not an instructor you cant comment on how long you think it might take? Im telling him time, not what to do during a mal. lol Clayon. Where do you live? If you live around a year' round dz your good to go. I know at my dz...Skydive elsinore you had to take an AFF every month or re take a quick safety class. That being said. It took me about 6 months and 25 jumps to get my A license. You can do it as fast as you can. I know people who got theirs in 3 weeks or less. Also, I have never been taxed on anything like that...your buying a service...not a product. Since you have a few mintues in a know the feel of the wind and that is usually the biggest shock to people...I say do an AFF...the level 1 teacher should be good enough to teach someone with zero jump experience and thats what they get paid to do. Have fun!
  5. The footage is on his new dvd Nitro circus 5 "thrillbillies" I need to get it...Im a huge Travis Pastrana fan
  6. Well then I probably saw you today!. I did a 20min session today, I was the kid with all the motorcycle gear around 12:40. I worked with Drew (Thanks for the recommendation Bowen) Hes a great instructor. he really knows how to talk you through the maneuvers and he can fly like a mad man! I told him my long term goal was freeflying. I worked about 5 minutes bellyflying showing him a I was in control and then we moved to back flying. As hard as it was drew told me I was doing great and kept telling me what to do. By the end of the session I felt pretty good and ready for another 20 minutes (and another paycheck..damn that rent) Thanks for the info. another long term goal is, like stated, is to be a master in all disciplines. I totally agree with you about working with new people. I use to race amature motocross, and one of the BEST things you could do, is ride every style, both outdoors and supercross style. Again, I didn't really mean wasted my time, Its just I try to spend what little money I have on the best possible situation to make it most valuable The tunnel is great! Very smooth and QUITE on the outside. Plus its in a great location! Perris has some serious competition, even is ifly is a little small the prices are great! Thanks again everyone
  7. Odd, I have 1800+ jumps and 30 hours of belly fly tunnel - never feel like I'm wasting my time~ Seriously, tunnel is an awesome tool to use for improving skydiving skills. Tunnel instructors, as professionals in their discipline, will have plenty of experience, enough to coach you in the earlier stages of skydiving. As you get more experienced and better then you may more require the extra skill levels of other coaches. Not so much wasting my time, but im on a budget so I try to make the most out of everything. I brought up the experience thing because its a brand new tunnel. That makes sense though. Thanks a lot
  8. ifly Hollywood has a early bird special going on, 20 minutes for $187 and 10 min for 150. 50 bucks extra for a coach. I only live about 30 minutes away. Perris is pretty expensive running at 220 for 15min. and its about an hour away... Does anyone know the coach's and instructors at ifly? Im a little worried about the experience level. Speaking of which, I currently have 28 skydives, and I got my A on my 25th. In between my 3/4 aff I did 15 minutes at perris and felt it was worth it. but I also was allowed to skip a level. If I did another 15-20 in the tunnel what should I work on? I feel like I might just waste my time bellyflying. Should I just save my money, rent gear and jump more and go back later so I can work on backflying and etc...? Thanks
  9. For anyone looking for pictures...this place looks great. Very hollywood. Cant wait to try it out! Im only about 30 min away...perris is a little over an hour[url]
  10. and it was pretty weird. I was doing a hop and pop with an instructor and we jumped,we tracked a little...then he took out a laptop, and in a sit fall he started using it...while i was trying to keep up with his fall rate flying belly down. it felt like a 13k skydive, then I went to pull, and I remember it taking like 10 seconds before anything happend, then my canopy tried to inflate but never really did, At that point I remember checking my altitude and seeing 1.5 and I cutaway, Which was really hard to pull for some reason, then the reserve. landed fine and the ground crew said they had to go into a oil patch over some hills which were glowing red. It looked like I had just landed in hell... I also remember thinking "I gotta go post what just happend on" weird huh? BTW, I should be getting my A tomorrow. Cant wait...Anyone going to be at Elsinore?
  11. Good answer...NOT. He asked for a place wear us SKYDIVERS can talk about airplanes we jump from...not US PILOTS.
  12. Uhh...Does anyone here know who Travis Pastrana is? Someone needs to look him up on wikipedia. He is a pro at everything he does. The stunt was for his own film and paid for by his sponsers...This guy is a professional. I swear...whine whine whine is right...