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  1. Does anyone have a reasonable estimate of how much fuel is burned daily in jump operations worldwide, on an annualized average? In other words, obviously, weekends, boogies, holidays, etc. would be averaged with days when jump ops aren't conducted and in the winter when ops are minimal or non-existent. I had a debate regarding climate impact with my GF's son about unnecessary carbon footprints and I just threw out a gut assertion that an entire day of fuel use in jump ops worldwide wouldn't even be equal to the fuel used by one 737 trans-continental flight, or one day of commuter fuel use in any of the major metro areas: DC, Houston, LA, etc. How far off base was I? Every fight is a food fight if you're a cannibal Goodness is something to be chosen. When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man. - Anthony Burgess
  2. And when that EMP burst hits, the only vehicles left driving will be those with old-school point-distributors. The rest of you will be left waiting for the zombies to bite. And for the record, WinXP was the bomb. Solid, fast, reliable... just like your old girlfriend.
  3. 34 years. However, admittedly, for 22 of those years, I didn't even look at a parachute.
  4. This is the guy to target. Vote him out of office. Well, it's hillbilly country - southwest PA, so good luck on that. https://transportation.house.gov/about/chairman-bill-shuster.htm
  5. I suppose this is why I love you.
  6. Worst advice I've heard in a while. The OP mentioned that this a newer jumper. The Katana is an elliptical canopy with an aggressive, ground-hungry design - NOT intended for young jumpers. A newbie should never jump a canopy with those qualities. This young lady is already having problems flaring completely and/or properly. An incomplete or improper flare under a Katana would not be pretty. This thread cannot be for real. Did I just end up on the sofpidarf page? Nope. Chuck just got trolled.
  7. kuai43

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    Anything with an inflatable.
  8. kuai43

    Actual time to steerable canopy

    I believe you should modify your specification for the time to begin once you toss your pilot chute. I jump Snivelettos, but I pack for myself in a consistent manner. so my experience may not be typical. Once I toss my PC, it would be unusual for me to not have a solid, flyable (rears), canopy over my head within 5 seconds. That being said, it's a smooth deployment with no line twists/slammers for the last many hundred. Shit, Now I've jinxed myself.
  9. kuai43


    This may have been one of the most thoughtful things I've ever read on Dizzy.com. Every new jumper should read the entire post. Go up-thread and read it. Thanks Bill.
  10. See two comments above.
  11. A little research.. "Effects of markers on canopy fabric and lines" http://www.dropzone.com/forum/Skydiving_C1/Gear_and_Rigging_F6/Effects_of_markers_on_canopy_fabric_and_lines_P184984 "Magic marker on my lines?" http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do%3Dpost_view_flat%3Bsb%3Dpost_latest_reply%3Bso%3DASC%3Bpost%3D77834=View+Flat+Mode#77834
  12. Upper body reach and pull. Helps get that cooler door open for all the beer you're going to buy. Alternate arms for maximum efficiency.
  13. kuai43

    Cheapest DZ in the dallas area

    You seem insistent. Have you ever tried that.. thing, you know, that Groogle thing? It's like a miracle. You can search the entire webtoobs.
  14. Where the HELL did they get a B-25???
  15. 'Flattest track' is simply falling straight down on your belly. Think about it.
  16. kuai43

    A license jumping camera....

    I rarely see anyone with one. Mine's been on my chest strap since forever. I include it in my practice touches.
  17. kuai43

    Recovery Arc vs. Wind Speed

    Wow. Simply, wow.
  18. kuai43

    Meditation Video for Skydivers

    I made one, too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92i5m3tV5XY
  19. kuai43

    Inverted Bi-Plane Jumps

    For just a dollar more than a standard lift ticket?
  20. BTDT, seen the 'stars'. Gymnastics & martial arts are all similar. Keep your chin tucked forward tightly into your neck. You are much less likely to suffer an injury that way. After you pitch, tuck the chin and wait. Do NOT try to look at your canopy during deployment. It won't make it open any better. If you have a mal, you'll know it anyway. If a shitstorm has evidenced, you'll be in better shape to take care of business.
  21. Need to coordinate jumpsuit colors for clarity. Derr.
  22. kuai43

    Stowing lines

    I've packed for myself for almost every one of my jumps and this is pretty close to the way I do it - after setting both locking stows. I've never had any problems with messy line stowage or apparent effect on deployments.