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  1. heavydude

    Old Freak Brothers Video

    I dont know if its the one your looking for but the Greg Kent Skydiving history DVD has a Freak brothers video on it. I dig the groovy soundtrack. All that cool Ill scene and I missed it !
  2. heavydude

    EG Suits

    I got hosed also, in process of doing Fraud submittal. 6 weeks and no suit of any kind, ordered a stock suit !
  3. heavydude

    Wanted: bright green 1" tubular webbing

    Any climbing shop should carry it. 1 inch tube is dirt cheap. REI.com, backcounty.com, You can also find links to shops from sistersite Rockclimbing.com.
  4. heavydude

    Fun Jumpers for Skydive San Diego

    I was just asking manifest last Sunday best day during the week to jump. Winds were too high last Sunday. What days are you guys jumping ? I usually jump there on Sundays but want to get in some during the week.
  5. heavydude

    Kayak Jump

    ....checking out some freefly videos on Skydiving movies.com... looks like somebody filmed a short clip of this. Rest of video is OK also http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=6772