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  1. I recall the company. As a matter of fact, I had Howard build me a sweet canopy. I may have even been his first customer. I don't HAVE the fuckin thing tho... He had it, ironing out a turn, whenst his wife sequestered all his stuff going into some legal SNAFU. He did give me a nice canopy to fly in the mean time. Still got it, I think it's a 135 Nova (possibly relined). I owned exactly 1 new main in my life and I put less that 20 jumps on it, LOL.
  2. I met Gary in '94 at the WFFC when he came on as lead LO. As an organisizer of LO's he made many improvements to the process. We also shared an interest in homemade digital logging altimeters and he made many helpful suggestions. Of all the places/folks I have ever worked at/for/with, Tent #1 in Quincy under Gary Peek's leadership is at the very top of the list of favorite endeavors. Best days on Earth! IMneverHO Blue Skies my friend
  3. While doing a periodic google to try and find long lost friends I encountered the following. http://www.daltondailycitizen.com/obituaries/x1427976002/Stevan-Steve-Cofield I do not have any details other than what is at the link. I made many jumps with Steve @ Skydive North Georgia/Skydive Atlanta and Rome back in the day. He also made the pilgrimage to Quincy a few years in a row. Steve was the only person "I know" who ever made a bungie jump while under canopy. (Indicative of my ignorance not that it did not happen) Based on the excellent stories from the adventure I understand why it never caught on ;) Steve and I also shared many geek interests and was one of the few people in my world that cared to understand *nix and networking. BSBD "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  4. I got this one... http://www.amazon.com/bike-trailer-hitch-carrier-bicycle/dp/B001CBUG1O/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1238912790&sr=8-1 It's the cheapest one out there It works BUT,,, (always a BUT) The attachment for the hold down straps are attached to the rubber bar pads, the rubber will fail at some point. I run the straps around the support bar also. It does not support the bottom of the bike so I bungie the front wheel to the pedal around the upright. SHAMELESS bike plug!!! My bike is an $80 Schwinn Cruiser 7 speed. It has a comfy ass support and I sit upright. I can't hang with the hunched over bikes any more as I have opening related neck/back muscle spasms occasionally(whiplash) and the hunched over riding brings it on. I use a cable lock thru the bike, rack, and hitch. PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  5. MAX Headroom was frig-frig-frig-friggin awesome He had a series? I remember the commercials, not a series though. http://thepiratebay.org/search/max%20headroom/0/99/0 PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  6. Dark Star Metropolis Eraser Head Repo Man Naked Lunch Waterworld Pitch Black Farenheit 451 Contact Robinson Caruso on Mars The Max Headroom TV series PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  7. When I worked at UPS throwing boxes in the summer, I sweat buckets and would wake up in the middle of the night with terrible hand/leg cramps. (yep I'm a smoker) I used a remedy that I enjoy. I took a multivitamin and, a few handfuls of potato chips, the occasional bananna, and 1/2 strength powdered (blue) gatoraid. I'd drink a gallon during a 4 hour shift and a quart of filtered tap water on the way to/from. The chips stopped the cramps and I never fell out at work. I'm a cheapo bastage! YMMV PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  8. irony PULL jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  9. have a look at http://www.nvu.com/ YMMV Iff'n ya like hand coding ya could try jEdit(also multi platform), it has an html mode plugin. http://www.jedit.org/ It is me favorite programming editor :) PULL jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  10. While researching cat pee issues I read a lot of posts by people who are in a similar boat. Google 'cat pee cleanup' and read up on the 'causes'. Ignore the products they are selling! (see below) Solutions they have found include WET food. Friskies savory shreads are about 50% liquid. The theory is that cats evolved on eating small critters that are mostly water. Some cats do not tolerate much dry food. YMMV Another thing they do is have many litter boxes. Try a different texture litter. Cats sometimes associate the UTI peeing pain and avoid the litter box in the future. Some keep a box with different litter always available for when the UTI pain hits and the cat has an alternative to use that is not associated with the initial pee pain. Find a vet that can actually test for a UTI. Sounds wierd that they can not find the output hole. Tell em to get a (censored) blacklight! Another cause is social. My cat has issues with intruders on 'her' turf. Sometimes she feels the need to mark her territory. I spray intruders with the hose to discourage them and I think my cat noticed that I am also trying to defend 'her' turf. She has stopped pissin in the corner. _I_ also mark the turf outside at night sometimes, lol. This also helps discourage coyotes, coons, squirrils, and skunks. (the advantages of being a guy) One thing you also need is the magic formula for cleanup! 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and destilled or filtered water. Wet area(completely soak), wet vac and fan dry. Do this twice or more. When COMPLETELY dry sprinkle with baking soda and re-wet with 3% hydrogen peroxide, add a bit of liquid dish detergent(a few drops) in it. Rub it in and wet vac after an hour or so, then fan dry again. If you do it right it WILL stink of vinegar for a day or so. Unlike cat pee though when the vinegar dries it will not smell when re-wetted (ie: high humidity) The vinegar combats the amonia. The hydrogen peroxide combats the other bacteria etc. The dish soap is a surfactant to help the peroxide completely penetrate. The baking soda absorbs what you missed. Cleanup is the trick to stopping the repeat. You have to get it so clean that the cat can not smell it else the potential for rewetting remains. I spent a lot of $$$ on products that do not work. Save you self the money! SIXTEEN POUNDS? I'm sure the vets ripped on ya for the weight, yadda yadda yadda. Good luck with that!!! lol. My cat is 14 pounds and she is 'small framed'. I also give mine a once a month wormer because I let her out sometimes and ya never know... Give Squeaker a rub between the ears for me and good luck!!! PULL jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  11. Definately one of the good guys! Example, Once when 'for some reason' he was not purchasing fuel at the FBO in Barnwell and he was fueling up at his farm,,, If you happened to be on a fuel load ya got an extra jump at the farm if you could pack by the time he was done fueling. (he made sure everyone had time to pack too) Blue ones Bobby. PULL jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  12. It looks like the camera has a "F" to "BNC" adapter installed. http://www.supercircuits.com/Connectors/CON-9 An "F" connector is what is found on cable/TV antenna. See if you can unscrew the adapter. If you can it's prolly an "F" connector. A "BNC" connector is a twist lock, it will have 2 lil nubs sticking out. (similar to an outomobile tail light bulb) The camera has an auto iris 4-10mm zoom lens attached also. Not sure if the lens is "C" or "CS" but it looks like the lens is CS and the camera is C mount with a C to CS adapter installed. If there is a label on the camera you could google the model and prolly get specs on the CCD. Neato! :) PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  13. Barbara, Half of the time spent in maneuvering a "tractor" type mower is eliminated in the zero radius mowers. By doing so you can cut at least twice as much lawn in the given amount of time. PLUS- they are really fun to drive. jon If you have a big square yard with many long straight passes, a zero turn mower MIGHT be a burden because they are not all easy to make go in a straight line. NOTE: there may exist zero turns that like to go straight but I have not been on one yet. They are 'fun' in turns though!!! :) Please forgive in advance zero(flat) turn readers, I PULL at 2k, sometimes disconnect my RSL, and do not use an AAD Figger out what is most apropriate for your application, budget, skills and recommended wingloading. An online subscription to Consumer Reports might provide an inexpensive 3rd opinion. Lots of service and cust. sat. data usually available. YMMV PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  14. All the expansion packs that I have installed did not change existing Sims/relationships, lots, or hoods. No experience with the Free Time expansion though. Last time I played the Sims2 was when Pets expansion came out. Have not reinstalled since the last hard disk failure :( PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede
  15. When they are good they are excellent. Sometimes they are not so fun. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3147992;#3147992 PULL! jumpin_Jan "Dangerous toys are fun but ya could get hurt" -- Vash The Stampede