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  1. LPhoenix98


    I am pretty new to the sport and use to wear the ole' Protec but because of a close call, my face hitting the ground when my student rig caught a big gust as I landed, I decided a full face would be best to protect the some $7000.00 worth of braces in my mouth. I tried on the Oxygn, Z1, and factory diver but my big ole' pumpkin head just didn't fit right. Enter the FreeZr. It fits great and has wonderful visibility. The only complaint I have is the left side of the visor sticks and has to be fiddled with to get down, I don't latch that side because it doesn't seem to hurt anything and it stays closed from the other side. I've contacted paratec and am waiting to hear back from them. Other than that great full face I highly recommend it. It's true too, it doesn't fog in them SC winters. :-)
  2. I came to this DZ with 26 jumps. I am getting close to my A licence but I didn't have much USPA book training. They immediately got me the 4 page card sat down with me and my log book and started filling it out. The weather didn't permit a jump that day but on Sunday I got five jumps in and was invited to participate in a two-way and three-way group skydive. Ya'll please come see these folks. They are OUTSTANDING! And if you like altitude the King Air will get you to 14,000 sometimes 14,500 all day long. Air Conditioned carpeted Pack Room folks!!! This is a nice facility, please, check it out!
  3. Zagor, You did right. If you had any doubt about the rig or competency of the riggers or lack thereof then you were right not to jump. However, you should not have boarded the plane. I had a friend get me into skydiving and he didn't jump when he was in the plane. He was well trained and fully instructed on the procedures to go through during high speed malfunctions, he freaked but pressed on because everyone else was totally excited about the first jump. The plane was a C182 so with three static line students and a JM it was crowded and dangerous to move him from student position to the rear of the aircraft so the other jumpers could exit. Your instinct is good and can save your life but if you feel like fear may cloud or overwhelm your judgement, don't board the aircraft. Good luck and keep trying. Definitely find another DZ if this one makes you uncomfortable. Hang around awhile and meet the JM's and Staff. If they answer questions freely and make time for you even if it is just an acknowledgement of your conern then you should be in good shape. Blue Skies!