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  1. I guess since it doesn't have a reserve, they don't need a cutaway, but it still would have come in handy :)
  3. I've not seen as a big uproar with flags touching the ground on landing as the time the guy carrying the flag down had an sponsor's name on his canopy.
  4. It's not in the AIM, but in Part 91 (91.113). Rules are generally: Everybody avoid hitting things. Distress has right of way over everything. Converging traffic (other than head-on): aircraft on the right has right of way when the same category. Otherwise there's a balloon/glider/towed-refueling/airship preference like the sail preference. Converging head-on (apply directly to the forehead): both go to the right. Overtaking (overtaker must yield) Landing (guy on final has right of way over others in the air or on the ground), the lower guy has preference if more than one on final.