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  1. Hey, guys! I'm a little new to the sport of skydiving and am actually very enthusiastic about getting involved. The only issue, however, is the one I have already stated in the title: I am currently only sixteen years old. Sadly. this means that many of the schools and drop-zones I have read about will not permit me to dive for two more years. Fortunately for me, though, there have been some articles posted online about certain drop-zones lowering the age requirement and permitting sixteen year-olds to dive with parental consent. This is great, but all of the articles I have read that mention this fail to reference any specific drop-zones within the United States that hold this policy. Does anyone here know of any drop-zones within the United States (preferably in or around Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina) the permit sixteen year-olds to go skydiving with parental consent? Thanks! Shahzaib