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  1. Mike, this is great buddy... It's like reading one of my arguments with Shimmel a couple years back! Look forward to seeing you again soon. Stay safe
  2. I'm going to switch to my D80 for my primary skydiving SLR body. The only immediate concern that jumps out at me is the remote shutter release that Nikon offers has a straight, male plug that is almost 3/4" long. If anyone has any information where to aquire this type of end with a 90 dgree bend instead of the straight connector, I'd appreciate it. Thank you
  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm wishing I had gone with A1U's (or HC1's)in the first place over HC5's but that's neither here nor there at this point. If I'm not going to see the categorical jump in video performance I'm after on the A1U, it looks like one of the FX1 or FX7's are where I'm headed. March is a pretty long wait so spill what you can on what's around the corner, please???? The heads up on the FX1000 is appreciated too. I know after jumping some VX2000's awhile back the larger planform cams aren't a picnic while freefalling doing any type of head first movement flight but I need something more than the HC/CX can offer. The freefall segments will be brief so image stabilization method is really not a large concern. An HC7 mounted upside down flying daffed out on my head gets the "head up" position just fine... Thank you all again for taking the time with your helpful responses.
  4. I'm pretty much just a lurker of these forums and use the search function pretty regularly... I would like to get some recommendations/feedback from some of you with your experiences with some cameras a step up from the standard consumer grade HC/CX HD cameras. I'll be using it for some freefall from time to time, but mostly under canopy. If it would be used in freefall, most of the jumps would be tracking or wingsuit jumps. Only small clips from the video sequences would be used so editing out some occasional flutter is not that big of a deal. 1080i resolution is acceptable for the time being but the right deal on a 1080p camera would be considered(it would be considered ideal but a little out of my price range for now.) The cameras I'm researching are: -HVR-A1U -HDR-FX1000 -HDR-FX7 -HDR-FX1 I'm just looking for a solid recommendation for something a step up in video quality from my HC5 and CX12. They are great for doing small projects in Final Cut Express but I want a little more for a larger project coming up. I'm leaning towards the A1U just for the size/wght factor but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks. For reference, I'll be using it with my Wes Rich CCM
  5. This Friday people.... We had 28 jumpers come out last time and flew 8 sick loads. All experience welcome as always. Cya!
  6. Alright.... We have some special appearances planned now so this one might be the BEST one yet!! Five locals have preregistered already. If you want more info or you'd like to let us know you intend to come out, please send us a note to: [email protected] Thanks and we look forward to flying with you!
  7. SO.... Team D3 is putting on another Track & Field Day. We're doing it again, as always on the first Friday of the month. 8 organized tracking dives. 8am check in and briefing, wheels up for load 1 by 8:45.... We typically break up into three smaller groups for the first 4 loads. Loads 5 & 6 we combine into two groups. The last two jumps are for everyone that is comfortable flying in a large formation. Safety is first and foremost. We have been having between 18-23 people turning out so far. We get our own airplane, the Skyvan or the Otter and have had a great time with the first three. We'd love for some new people to come out so if you haven't made plans yet, this one will be the best yet!
  8. This Friday, June 6..... Team D3 is hosting the third Track & Field Day starting at 9:00am... No registration fee, just pay your slots. For those of you who haven't been to the last two, Track & Field is an event put on by D3 for all experience levels that bring 8 organized tracking dives that deal with a different freefall and canopy skill. We split the group up into three smaller groups and work up the level of difficulty as the day goes on. We've had a lot of fun at the last two and hope to see some new faces out at this one! Check out the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlCab776DC8
  9. A local rigger posed another variable that adds some complexity as well. What about with a skyhook? Out of sequence deployments are a real peach when it comes down to it... I believe the official UPT answer is do not cutaway prior to deployment of your reserve. Correct me if I'm wrong but that was what I believe Mark Procos answered. There are a number of reasons for this mal to occur. A different rigger showed me how he primes his main pin so that the eyelet of the pin is clear of the final flap's grommet. This applies to any rig. When you close your rig and just shove the pin home all the way, the eyelet can interfere with the pin rotating upwards and in the right or wrong kind of luck, end up lodging itself in the center of the grommet to the point where it requires considerably more force to be pulled. I've done 200 jumps in a row closing my rig in this fashion and haven't had a single hesitation or PC drag.
  10. I can almost see the grin sticking out from behind that factory diver... Have fun with it man!!
  11. Maybe consider chopping your wings next time as soon as you see you have linetiwsts? With your arms now free, you might be better prepared to deal with the mal before it becomes an unrecoverable situation. Same goes for a jammed zipper. I've had this happen when wearing long sleeves under my wingsuit. At the very least, you now have your arms in a more familiar configuration when you have to get down to business with your EPs.
  12. igoswoop

    Daft Punk

    Mark, you haven't changed a bit...
  13. No, it probably hasn't but the way you fly it has probably changed... When you first did this at the 60 jump mark, you probably didn't have the whole picture of what this canopy is capable of and you got a little too happy with the toggles. Almost all of us have done it at some point, I know I have. If for some strange reason you'd like to do this on purpose again, I can give you some things to try via PM... Not really some thing I'd recommend though...
  14. What are the requirements to compete in Open vs Intermediate? I'm not sure what the guidelines are...