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  1. When the write up the ticket, be sure they list the quality and the weight of the stone separately from the ring. Otherwise, if she loses the stone...and they only have the ring skew number, they will screw you out the value of your diamond.
  2. They updated the website...estimated 238 days give or take.
  3.[url] My mother used a treadle machine to sew suede, leather, and other hard to sew and slippery fabrics. She made mens suit jackets. She also taught us to sew on one.Quote
  4. If you are a swimmer, it is a lot like doing a front or back sommersault in a swimming pool. Just think it and tuck. It is fun.
  5. If she is the outdoor...hiker type...Northwest Youth Corp out of Eugene, OR works with young people. They build trails...also have an alternative school. Top rate is not great...but the experience can't be beat. She might look at being a crew leader or assistant crew leader. They have fall, spring, summer, trail building sessions...and alternative school during the school year. If she wants to take a complete break from nursing...this might be option. Most of the crew leaders are college age/or grads.
  6. I was at my Aunt and Uncles house (no electricity) about 20 miles from Takysie Lake, BC, we drove to "town" to see it on a black and white TV...amazing
  7. off, as a Canadian and living in Ontario, I am covered by our provincial health-care system, OHIP. If I was living in another province, I would be covered by that provincial system, like Quebec or BC. In addition, I have a health insurance plan from my employer, which pays for a lot of the items not covered by the government health-care, medication, dentist, private hospital rooms, ambulance, optical, etc.. So essentially you are a family with dual coverage insurance...this is not the same as being only on the state run health plan. You still have a choice, and you have become one of the chosen patients whom the Dr.'s and facilities love to see because they can actually collect money from your insurance. Your experience with socialized medicine is not what someone only on the state run program would have...
  8. I did 4 repeats during AFF...I think it is the perfectionist thing...haven't been in school for 30 years and terrified of failing....that makes it very difficult to relax...arch and SMILE.
  9. My husband doesn't jump, afraid of heights...but a really nice digital camera and lenses....he at the dz about 1/2 the time.
  10. If you belong to a union try that. Got mine through the voluntary benefits co. is The United States Life Insurance Co. of New York...and I got a written statement from Senior Claims Examiner that specifically states that Skydiving is covered.
  11. pgassett

    Fart foods?

    Sugar free candy made with sorbital