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  1. What is the required hight for this suit?
  2. I'm not sure, if it is the best to jump it from airplanes or other motorized aircrafts. From my point of view it is the best to jump tracking suits out of a balloon - they simulate b.a.s.e. conditions perfectly. I saw people having troubles doing a correct exit. Because tracking suits start to "fly" very early , you have less chances to recover from any shit you did at the exit (too head heavy, too steep,...). After a good exit it's much more easy to fly stable. For me, the first 4-6 secondes are the most critical phase doing a jump with tracking stuff. keep sparklin' and smilin' cheers from the alps rainer
  3. ask the manufactor! He is the most serius guy to answer your question!
  4. Rainer


    I saw your pics and video today! Absolutely awesome and sick stuff dude! Congrats to u 2 from da xeis-crew! see ya looking forward to 25-30°... cheers rainer
  5. Rainer


    We'll be in bangkok on 11th. Maybe we can meet. so long...
  6. Rainer


    I'm going to Thailand on 10th of february; staying there for a month. Does anybody have valid info? greets from the alps rainer