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  1. My Aunt, Susan Waterfield, passed away today after a tough battle with cancer. By the time of her death, she had 1,018 skydives and numerous BASE jumps as well. She started jumping in the early 90's. I was lucky enough to jump with her many of times, including her 1,000th, as well as BASE jumping together. This allowed her to travel the world whether it be jumping on the international date line into the water for y2k, BASE jumping in Norway, attempting to jump Angel Falls in Venezuela (until she had a malfunction and hit the water going 70mph on a practice jump), WFFC, ETC. Before her death she told all of us that she had no regrets and lived life to the fullest....and that is exactly what she did. I hope she only has blues skies from now on.
  2. Actually he would have no idea who i am, he used to jump with my dad in the 80's and he wants to get ahold of him. Just trying to relay the number to him.
  3. Last i heard he was in Palatka, not sure if he jumps anymore even. But does someone have a way to contact him? Thanks
  4. No i was asleep thankfully, it was about 3am. I didnt even hear the crash.
  5. Man i feel your pain, i had the same thing happen but instead of the neighbor waking me it was the cops. Apparently these guys were running with their lights off because they shot three army guys and they came around the corner and hit my car but it was totaled.
  6. If you go to this it will work it just seems like the main page is down