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  1. Same for me. No fear at first. The fear built over time as I realized how risky things could be then it mellowed as I gained further experience. Hope that helps....
  2. I am always amazed at why people are so anxious to downsize. You can learn just as much on an appropriately sized canopy. Well that's not entirely true----you won't learn as much about wound management....
  3. Personally IMHO we need less regulation not more. I applaud the original poster for going through the aircraft with an eye toward safety. 182's in aviation are aging, 182's in skydiving are old AND bruised. Having said that inviting more regulation? For a sport already on a tight shoestring I would worry about asking for more regulation. Besides most accidents by a long shot are pilot error.
  4. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/ww2-airplane-crash-chicago-man-jumps-out-482419101.html[url]
  5. It's amazing how much effort is being put forth to "screw" GA oops I mean sodomize oops I meant privatize ATC. The next onslaught starts in 3, 2, 1, ..... bastards
  6. I witnessed a dustdevil "grab" a high-performance landing at 20 ft AGL and literally turn and swung him so he was now above the canopy and the canopy started to collapse but then it pulsed and reinflated. The turbulance and airmass had pushed him high enough that as he pendulum swung underneath he gained control at the last second before he slammed in just a few feet above AGL then slid it in across a soft sand/pond. Amazing to watch. I wish I had video. The jumper walked!!! back and basically said he was done with skydiving as it scared the poop out of him. I was speechless and humbled by the spectacle.
  7. A few weeks ago I landed out on a really long spot. Found a good plowed field and landed parallel to the rows. Nice easy flare and landing until just upon putting my back foot down caught an uneven clump. No injury except a roll in the dirt. I felt very lucky not to have gotten injured. It reinforced 2 lessons I should have already known: check the spot before leaving the plane and when in doubt especially when out plf!!!
  8. Pathological science is an area of research where "people are tricked into false results ... by subjective effects, wishful thinking or threshold interactions." The term was first used by Irving Langmuir, Nobel Prize-winning chemist, during a 1953 colloquium at the Knolls Research Laboratory.
  9. Producers to production crew "Quick cut to the Kathy Griffen donkey video this psychic piece is spiraling out of control"Quote
  10. This landed with a discernible thud!!! Skydiving seems to struggle with it's reputation as a sport with the public already. All we need is one of the better ambassadors of the sport putting this drivel out there. Big fan of The Parachute and It's Pilot but this stuff is the polar opposite of that work.
  11. Sex takes less time than you think. Packing takes more time than you think. Both are usually better if you take longer.
  12. Make sure your gear is tight. Short story. Downsized canopy Seemed like an "OK" fit in the container which was already just a little "wiggly" on me. Had two rigs one tighter than the other. Would pack both so I could get more jumps at times. Long story short used the downsized canopy loosly fitting container and went head down. Luckily I saw the riser cover start to open. Got flat in time to avoid a wrap but had to cut away and do a reserve ride. Feel fortunate it wasn't worse. Long winded way of saying you really do want your gear tight enough so things don't come uncorked at high speed.