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  1. gigi d'augostino - I'll fly with you paul oakenfold - ready, steady, go
  2. He has no problem watching countless videos and listening to stories about anything skydiving. *** Lucky Duck!!! Congrats on your [soon to be] A license!!
  3. *** I feel like someone is feeding me a line as I'm the DZs newbie. The guy said that it sucks to dive in the rain because you end up hitting the pointy end of the raindrops and it really hurts. This was the funniest thing I have EVER read!! LMAO!!! I totally didn't know what to believe... I thought "yeah, I guess that DOES make sense!"... ha ha! Anyway, I found this:
  4. UGH!!! That is SOOOO sad! He sounds like a loser anyway...who would rather hang out with drunk guys who smell like chicken instead of chillin with his honey? Joe WON'T watch my vids though...and he definitely calls it a "cult" and says I'm worse than an alchoholic...blah blah blah... whatever. I guess it is...I mean I was def joking about selling his new HD flatscreen so I could get some jump funds!...needless to say, he didn't think that was funny!! I would be interested to hear from someone who is in the same situation as Peanut and I and NOT divorced! What's the secret?
  5. Hey Peanut! I'm in the same boat as you! I got MAD addicted to skydiving after my first tandem. I'm almost done with AFF & about to get my A license (whoo hoo!)... anyway, my hub and I had "discussions" everytime I came home from the dz...and yes...I (like you) spend every waking moment I can there. He has a hobbie too though, hunting...and finally YESTERDAY I smartened up and when he said "I wish you would quit skydiving"...I replied "OK! I'll do that if you will give up hunting!"...that shut him up! :) I swear, I'm gonna be the first skydiver with an unsupportive spouse that MAKES it and keeps jumping!