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  1. There are so many reasons that I am glad that I bought my Infinity. Most importantly is it's very well thought out design and safety features that it has. The pin protection is absolutely solid. The secondary riser covers are totally secure and having a Velcro-less RSL is really nice too. One of my favorite comfort features is the floating laterals which is a genius move on their part. No one else has them, and they are particularly good for women with smaller waists and far superior to cut in laterals because they self-adjust to your body position. I would like it if the SkyHook were offered as an option but from what I understand, Kelly (the owner) is thinking about it and would not offer it on his rigs unless he was 100 percent confident that the technology is totally reliable and it is the right decision to do so. With all of the knowledge and experience he has I have to trust that. I absolutely cannot say enough about the quality of customer service that I have received from Kelly, the owner, and his partner. I am a very careful customer who has a lot of questions and specific requests. (Some might call me high-maintenance) With a product this expensive I want something near-perfect and am not afraid to ask for it. Another reviewer said that Kelly treats you like you're the only customer in the world and that is true. I've asked for a color of fabric different from what he offered and he went out and got it without even charging me extra. He got me smaller leg pads on request and I will be sending the rig in on my next rig for minor tweaks in the fit of it without any problems. He's done all of this and more in a cheerful accomodating manner that make me feel like a valued customer and dare I say it - even a friend. And the cherry on top is the rig looks smoking hot! I've gotten lots of compliments.
  2. This helmet fits like a glove. I bought it before taking AFF for safety reasons. I had a fall on my second landing - did a somersault on a concrete road. There are scrapes over the entire back end and top of the helmet but other than that, the helmet is fine, and more importantly, so is my head! I credit Rawa for my having walked away unharmed from a potentially very bad situation. The chin strap which supports the entire jaw is my favorite feature. I had a great experience with Rawa. All my correspondence with them was through email and they were prompt in their response and answered all of my questions. I received the helmet in about 4 weeks.