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    Chicago this winter??

    *Waves hand wildly* Ohh I'm from Chicago, for tickets that cheap I'd go in Jan or Feb. It would probably even be worth the commute to a NYC airport from Hartford.
  2. FallingAngel

    Stopping kids from being kids

    This isn't State control, it is control by ones peers through the courts. When you make it so easy for people to sue then sooner or later your activities will be limited to what the most paranoid amongst us think is safe. All hail the quest for the mighty dollar, by whatever means neccessary. That's so crazy...I can't believe people would sue schools or day care centers for something like that. I feel bad for kids with parents like that, what can these kids do at home? Sit in front of the tv..oh wait, that might cause eye strain. Yes, there should be some boundries, supervision and protection for our children, but this takes it a little too far. Like another poster said, no wonder more kids now are overweight. If you can't fall down and scrape your knee every once in awhile, how are you going to learn to be a productive member of society, relate to others, and learn that's its ok to fall down and get hurt once in awhile and that you need to get back up again??
  3. FallingAngel

    Are you competitive?

    I'm an only child and I'm extremely competitive. So much so that I've taken an indefinite leave of absence from organized competitions (especially team ones). I'm too competitive for it to be fun for me (and even those around me) lately ...if that makes sense.
  4. FallingAngel

    Training day at the DMV

    I know! When I switched my plates it took me about 4 hours! Such a hassle.
  5. FallingAngel

    Who's single...

    Agreed, 100% IMO, that's the best way to do it.
  6. FallingAngel

    Well.... Weekend Numbers 6/16/06 - 6/18/06

    I'll play this week... :0:0 No jumps this weekend...Sat. was rainy on and off, but I had to work anyway in the morning then the afternoon was spent moving into my new condo. Sunday was beautiful but had to work again, then did some RW with my BFs family (the pool felt so nice!), then unpacked a little at the condo.
  7. FallingAngel


    My thoughts and prayers go out to all her friends, family, loved ones. I did not know her, but I am deeply saddend at her passing since she was someone who touched so many lives in a positive way.
  8. FallingAngel

    just had my wisdom teeth pulled

    Eeep, I'm going to get mine pulled this Friday...I'm so not looking forward to it! I know that the doctor gave me something, but I'm not sure if its just anti-inflammatory stuff or pain killers? I wonder if I'll get that Friday? Or do I get nothin', maybe I won't need it? In a way I can't wait, b/c my left side is bugging me so bad! But at the same time, the thought of them pulling all four of them makes me a wee bit nervous! My boyfriend is such a sweetie though, he's taking the day off work (half a day def, whole day if I need it) to make sure I'm ok...
  9. FallingAngel

    Weekend numbers....4/14-16?

    Hurray Chicago Sirens, I hope to safely say I'm an expert cuz that was my old team, sniff...They are amazing
  10. FallingAngel

    New England Skydiving League Website

    OOhh, thanks for the info...If any one in New England is looking for a 4th or interested in just competeing at the meets, let me know. Last year I competed in the MWSL before I moved here flying OC...
  11. FallingAngel

    new england dzs anyone?

    Hey, I live in Manchester, CT (outside of Hartford but northeastish of the city). If you'd ever like to carpool up to Jumptown, let me know!
  12. Not when I was there at the end of Feb! Granted, they weren't picture perfect days, but they were jumpable none-the-less and no one was around...
  13. FallingAngel

    your senior year...

    Year : 1999-2000 1. Who was your best friend? Tracy and Marianne 2. What sports did you play? Varsity cross country, swimming, track, softball... 3. What kind of car did you drive? 1989 Mustang 4. It's Friday night, where were you? Probably with my boyfriend...Maybe a girls night...I did a lot of things... 5. Were you a party animal? Sort of? 6. Were you in the "In Crowd"? 7. Ever skip school? I may have, I don't really recall... 8. Ever smoke? Tried it, didn't like it. 9. Were you a nerd? No, I was naturally smart 10. Did you get suspended/expelled? Not in highschool. 11. Can you sing the Alma Mater? school song? No, I don't remember if we even had one. 12. Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Weber, graphics design
  14. FallingAngel

    Northeast Freeflyers

    If PD sends me my canopy back in time for this weekend (which they said I should have it for) I'd love to! I'm in Manchester, its close to Hartford...
  15. FallingAngel

    Northeast Freeflyers

    I'm in Connecticut and I'm new to the Northeast, so I'm not sure where I'll end up yet...the Ranch or Jumptown or other??? Guess it depends on my mood and if anything interesting is going on somewhere. I may hop around for a month or so finding a "home." _Tracy_
  16. FallingAngel

    What to do in DeLand

    Downtown DeLand isn't too bad, I was just there at the end of February. There is also a nature park -Blue Springs, Daytona Beach is near by, you could check that out. Or, DeLeon Springs state park and the Old Spanish Sugar Mill. Also, talk to the locals once you get there, I'm sure that they'll have more suggestions. Have a great trip!
  17. FallingAngel

    Ok, where are the rest of us stuck...

    I'm at work today!!!!!!! How exciting, I worked yesterday too. Internet is down at my apartment
  18. FallingAngel

    Okay, it's snowing and...

    Nice! What are you going to do for the rest of the day then? I'm out a little before 2, I have a dentist appt.
  19. FallingAngel

    Okay, it's snowing and...

    Eeep! Is it really snowing? I've been at work since 6:30a and it was all clear when I got here. I hope we don't get too much.
  20. FallingAngel

    Happy birthday NUN!!! (aka swedishcelt)

    Happy happy birthday
  21. Dave, I'm not necessarily responding to you, but to the thread in general... Do I agree with what Shanya is doing? No, not really. But I'm looking at this from 1,000 jumps vs her 10 or so. I also don't know all the details of what happened. No one seems to know too much or want to clarify anything, and everyone seems so emotional over this. But to me, the situation appears shady... Take responsibility for your fuck up, especially if people warned you not to do it...And, as a student, how was she supposed to know that what she's doing is deemed to be giving skydiving a bad name (unless people told her this before she talked to the media)? Her boyfriend should have known that though, but who knows? Perhaps he encouraged her not to do what she's doing and she decided to do it anyway. I don't think the skydiving community is as heartless as some people seem to think this thread makes it sound. I've only been jumping about 6 years, but have grown up around skydiving because of my dad...My opinion is, something it seems like the "older" skydivers are saying is that as a family, we prefer to take care of things ourselves and help out our family. This is mostly because people who don't skydive, don't seem to understand what we do and why we do it. They see it as a dangerous activity, which it is, but at the same time, just don't understand the joy it can bring and the reasons behind how an accident can happen. But, also because we really are a great family, that, like any family, can have its disfunctions, and so that doesn't mean that the family as a whole automatically turns its back on someone when something like this happens for the first time (clarifing: this is the first time Shayna had an "accident"). Skydivers weren't opposed to helping her (is the impression I'm getting), where newer jumpers are getting the impression that we're "heartless" is after Shayna, for whatever reason which is undisclosed but perhaps for $$ reasons? (apparently) rejected the skydiving community's help in favor of going to the media, and then this is when she started getting the strong negative reaction that she's getting. And, another thought that comes to my mind is: If at first you don't succeed, maybe skydiving isn't for you... That's great she'd like to do it again once she's recovered but, it appears she had two landable canopies yet still managed to get seriously hurt...AND, she says she had great insturction! At her size, if she was jumping a Sabre2 190, I don't think that was a problem...At what she was loading it (probably .8/1??), that should have been fine. Side story, when I was a student at maybe 110 lbs without gear, I was on a Manta(I believe it was a manta)230...I must have caught a nice thermal and chilled at 1,000 feet until after the next load landed!!! That was just a bit silly...Anywho, I guess I'm the one 1,000 jumps later with (knock on wood) no serious injuries jumping a Katana 97, so perhaps that was the better way to go.
  22. FallingAngel

    The drama of job-searching

    TN? Heeeehaaaaa! The only thing that would keep me from moving there is my extreme dislike of country music. I'm not sure I could handle it. You're considering moving to TN but not to CT, what's the deal with that? CT actually not too bad!
  23. FallingAngel

    I'm in a foul mood.

    Today's Friday
  24. FallingAngel

    Dropzone Politics

    I could be wrong, but I think I heard a saying that you're a tourist until you've been jumping at least 10 years?... In my experience, most people seem to fizzle out around the 3 year period.
  25. FallingAngel

    Anyone near Hartford, CT?

    I work in East Hartford (5 min from Hartford) and live about 15-20 minutes from Hartford. Unfortunately, there really isn't too much to do here. But somehow I manage to make do and have fun