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  1. My home DZ is skydive monterey bay, and when it is fogged out or cloudy over there, i can always bet that its clear here in hollister. the people are cool (there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule of course), the place has a small restaurant right next door (closes at 3pm though so get there quick if you're late), and the landing area is wide open with lots of outs. there is usually just the right touch of wind for great landings. like any dz, there are cliques and such... the only thing that sucks is the van/shuttle rides from the landing area. it takes like 10-15 mins and everyone's breath stinks (mine especially, but thats because of the annual garlic festival nearby) and they/I like to breathe on people with their/my mouth open. all in all, good place to jump; good fun. if you are in the area, hit it up.
  2. SeanJuan

    Damn cat!!!

    microwave Gravity is workin against me and bringin me down...
  3. SeanJuan

    SkyDance SkyDiving

    Went there for their (annual?) american boogie. this dz has a small dz feel to it, but it has big dz things like the pro-shop, showers, places to camp and crash, dedicated swooping lanes, etc. if there was a middle ground between your regular-old home-grown dz and a perris or eloy dz, this would be it. the only thing that kinda sucked was the landing area. its pretty much an old crop field of some sort; so its dry, dusty and hard. but apparently, the alternate landing area is a lot softer. (but who wants to land in the alternate anyways. that just aint gangsta pimp fo shizzle) overall, very good dz. must see if within the region.
  4. SeanJuan

    Skydive Arizona

    This is a cool DZ. Like everyone says, you have to go there at least once in your career. I believe its worth it. There is damn near everything your little upjumper heart can desire. I went in May so it was pretty much hot as balls, but still fun. The jumpers there are fairly social, but they're not beating your face to talk to you or anything. The only thing I didn't like was that it was in the middle of nowhere with nothing really around. Your best bet is to get a room with a kitchen at the hotel on the DZ and go buy some groceries and cook. The hotel looks a little sketch on the outside, but its badass on the inside; trust. Also, there was pretty much no wind at all when I went and coming from a windy DZ on the coast, it proved for interesting landings. The regulars there will more readily not educate you on the art of landing and, instead, laugh as you eat it. Overall though, definitely a good DZ that you have got to check out some time. Make the trip!
  5. Just an update to my below post cause I got a new username... I've been jumping here for a while now. Tourettes Tami, Gay Dan, and Happy the Genius have left to go work in Texas and they are very much missed. The King Air is still the fastest plane ever. Takes like 6 minutes to altitude with good turnaround times. You don't have a big ass doorway to jump out of. One tandem takes up the entire door, but you can work it out; the art of the exit has been perfected quite well. I am probably NEVER gonna get tired of the view; especially on sunset loads. There's no where else you'll get a view like here. The people that are still here are still cool people. Everybody is welcoming, warm and laid back. Just make sure that you land on the west side of the LZ cause there are little pricklys everywhere on the east side of it. I hate those damn things. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.