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  1. For me the best part of boogie’s are being able to jump from different platforms. Ideas? Life is good
  2. Since what date has this mod been standard? Life is good
  3. I am very curious as to what particular knowledge of the Skyhook do you feel is most important? What is the need to know info? Life is good
  4. There was a person at the DZ with maybe 30ish jumps. In one of his first few pack jobs he gave himself a nice line over. He felt he was still flying in the general direction he wanted to go and made the decision to not cutaway. He ended up coming in like a lawn dart and really hurt his leg. Many people came up to him to tell him he was nuts for not chopping it and he did the wrong thing. He agreed but I could tell he was not convinced that he should have gone to the reserve…or the “unknown” as he called it. I know in skydiving, and in life for that matter, you tend to do what you practice. Maybe next time he absolutely should chop and will ride it in again. Life is good
  5. I was having a conversation with a fellow low number jumper about fear of using your reserve. I was wondering how many people end up hurting or killing themselves because they choose to ride in a malfunctioning main rather then cutaway. Specifically after some sort of low speed malfunction where you canopy has a controllability problem but is still flying relatively stable. Has anyone dealt with this and made the wrong/right choice? Life is good
  6. Not a lot of upsides to doing demos. Either you land safely and you get a golf clap Life is good
  7. 2000 feet!? Where you in hurry to get back home or something? Life is good
  8. I ordered a Vector at the end of December and got it at the end of May. Life is good
  9. It always makes me scratch my head that people seem to think that they can plan for when, where, and the type of accident to have. Your kidding yourself if you think you have that much control of the world around you. If you could plan it out, it would not be called and accident, it would be called a deliberate. Life is good
  10. QuoteWhat kind of flying do you want to work on? Just some general awesomeness. QuoteKris Reynolds at Iflysfbay Thanks for the tip Life is good
  11. How does one go about finding a super-duper Patient tunnel coach in Nor. Cal? Life is good
  12. I take it you have spent some time trapped in Dahab? Life is good
  13. Ok then Fox Mulder who did it and how?? How did it go down, who or what was involved, how was it planned and put in motion? What was the goal of the operation? Did it actually happen at all or are the towers still there? I am really curious to learn your secrets. You can't just be a professional skeptic, you must have some knowledge of how it DID happen not just how it didn't. Life is good
  14. Not sure how to make it a link but this vid is amazingly scary to me. Why take the Skyvan to altitude when clearly you can take a wingsuit Life is good
  15. It's thier shifty eyes that give it away. Life is good
  16. I have read that during a malfunction a highly loaded crossbrace canopy go in to a violent spin. Fast enough even that makes reaching handles impossible. Are there any options for dealing with this particular event? Perhaps someone flying a high performance canopy does not have an AAD or does not have it on, what are their options for cutting away from a violently spinning canopy? Can the handles be placed in a different location to aid in a difficult cut away? I was just wondering what options these pilots have if they find themselves in a difficult and scary situation. Life is good
  17. Are you happy now!! I watched that clip and now my mind is blown! Life is good
  18. I second that question... How did they do that and where do I sign up? Life is good
  19. he is reckless and has shown alot of disrespect and whats more sad about that is it's disrespect for his profit and to make himself look cool. Some how I get the distinct feeling he would be doing this whether he was on TV or not. Maybe he would have a few less toys if he didn’t have videos to sell, but I doubt his life would look much different. Life is good
  20. No, you really don't. Not the way he's doing it. Ok I'll should he be doing it to earn your credit? Life is good
  21. When you each send me $100 and I will send you an official Skydiver Decoder Ring. Life is good
  22. What happend there? Did someone tap you on the shoulder and say, "Dude, I think you forgot to pack your chute." Life is good
  23. Every time I see a story like this it reminds me of one of my favorite movies The Pentagon Wars. Great, great movie about the long 14 billion dollar development of the Bradley fighting vehicle. Ever time I see a Bradley I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (Lines from the movie) Col. Robert Laurel Smith: In summation, what you have before you is... Sgt. Fanning: A troop transport that can't carry troops, a reconnaissance vehicle that's too conspicuous to do reconnaissance... Lt. Colonel James Burton: And a quasi-tank that has less armor than a snow-blower, but carries enough ammo to take out half of D.C. THIS is what we're building? Col. Robert Laurel Smith: That's one hell of a cannon. Jones: That's the problem. Col. Robert Laurel Smith: What is? Jones: You go out on the battlefield with this pecker sticking out of your turret, and the enemy's going to unload on you with everything they got. Might as well put a big red bullseye on the side. Col. Robert Laurel Smith: But it's a troop carrier, not a tank. Jones: Do you want me to put a sign on it in fifty languages, "I am a troop carrier, not a tank. Please don't shoot at me?" Life is good
  24. Great video!! First DZO to have thier planes and tandems wired for live sound and video will make some big $$$. That was very very cool. Life is good