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  1. This is a very interesting post. Psychology of skydiving; one thing I never could do was mentally count on my first few freefalls. You know, arch-thousand, one-thousand, two-thousand, etc. After studying the physics involved in potential and kinetic energy exchange along with some basic rectilinear motion problems, I could accurately judge distance traveled without counting. Altitude awareness as everyone has mentioned here on this thread is logically sound to longevity. When on AFF training, where you look at the ground and check your altimeter numerous times. This training is actually much more conducive to altitude awareness then counting manually during your first five or ten second delay literally scared out of your wits. At least I remember I was. The more you jump, of course, the more comfortable you will be with your surroundings. So currency, is very important "Man Small, Why Fall, Skies Call, That's All"
  2. Lodestars, very, very LOCKHEED!! It demanded just alittle respect. I believe there was one for sale at Deland in the 80's. It's actually a beautiful plane. "Man Small, Why Fall, Skies Call, That's All"
  3. I remember Don well. He was and always will be one of the most wonderful men in skydiving I've known. I had problems with stability in Palatka when on static line in 1983. He recommended AFF. Did it, no problem thereafter. He reached me psychologically, explained technically, calmed me down. We did 8 ways out of two Cessna 182's many times. Got my SCR and SCS because of Don. I remember he could track like a bandit if I ever did see one! "Man Small, Why Fall, Skies Call, That's All"
  4. Wow, a website for skydivers! Fantastic idea! Where have I been you may ask? I haven't jumped in 10 years. I was jumping in Central Florida in the 80's, and California in the 90's. My hometown DZ's include the following: Deland Palatka Zephyrhills Eustis Perris Perhaps my favorite times have been jumping with the Embry-Riddle club in Daytona Beach, FL, in the 80's.