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  1. I've been forwarded an email by my dad who is a private pilot, but it applies to skydivers as well, it's a petition to call for protection of long running social activities for which complaints have been recieved. How many times have DZ's received complaints for noise or reported to the council by people that have moved to the area, knowing full well that the DZ is there. This petition wants complaints like these automatically rejected if there has been no significant change in activity. Common sense really, yet loads of people still complain! so go sign it now if you are a UK resident, it already has quite a few thousand signatures but i'm sure we can bump up that figure! the address is
  2. my head is about 24.5" and i got a Paratec FreeZR, first helmet that i have ever had that is really comfy, plus has a great frield of view and very simple closing mechanism for the visor, never had any trouble with it. All in all a great helmet
  3. tandem when 18, went through raps at 19. now 23 and have no where near as many jumps as i'd like, i hate being a poor student!!
  4. i bought matter, was on holiday at empuriabrava, got measured there, and the suit arrived through the post (to UK) a few weeks later. It fits great and the build quality is very good.
  5. Psycho packing hasn't stopped, I always psycho pack my hornet 190 and it gives much better, consistent openings than when i pro-packed it. I do find though that there's a lot of stigma surrounding psycho packing and i've been told by a few people supposedly in 'the-know' that it's a bad way of packing and basically i'm putting my life at risk by doing it. If these people actually took the time to look at psycho packing they would realise there aren't many differences from pro-packing, and i dont see how it would make a line-over more of a possibility. All i can say is it works for me, and i still haven't had a mal (touch wood!!!)
  6. Hmmm was that hypoxia coming on when you typed that??? doh, really need to check the spelling in my posts before posting!!
  7. personally i'd prefer the hornet than a sabre1 and day!! it's a more recent canopy with a better plan-form, and from personal experience the hornet offers better performance, a shallower glide ration, better forward speed, and sharper turns than an equivalently loaded sabre 1. and this shows as well as PD and aerodyne have both followed suit and released canopies with very similar shape and performance to the hornet
  8. [reply I may over do it, but I check my hackey several times on the way up to altitude, after I put on my helmet and gloves (I always wear gloves), and as I'm moving toward the door. Just to make sure it's where it should be.
  9. is it just me or is that chopper damn fast...2 minutes 21 seconds to 3000 metres seems waaaay too fast for a chopper!! plus it doesn't seem to clow down much aty higher altitudes either
  10. i'm 6' 2" and my girlfriend is 5' 0" her shoulder is just the right height to lean on / rest my pint on, so height difference does have it's advantages
  11. i said HALO, but only because i've done a helicopter jump, (Mi-8) but the highest i've been is 17k. so even though the Mi-8 jump was awesome, jumping from 23k would be something new, . would like to do a proper 30k Halo with bailout bottle and everything
  12. It may have been advertised as a competitor to the sabre 1, but the point is the hornet is almost identical in shape and performance to the pilot and sabre 2. the hornet is a semi-ellyptical canopy with a tapered tail, just like the sabre 2 and pilot. the sabre 1 however is completely square, so is not comparable. Everyone seems to put PISA down for making low cost copies, when in fact the Hornet was released years BEFORE the sabre 2, with an almost identical shape!! I love my hornet and would have bought another, but i'll just have to go with the pilot or sabre 2 when i get a new rig
  13. i got through deployment from wave off to pitch, then safety count, then EP's i still use the Look, Locate, Peel, Punch, Pull that i was taught on my FJC, but really the big thing that is practiced is the routine, and making sure all handles are easy to find without looking.
  14. took me 28 jumps, i think the system works a bit differently in the UK though, the absolute minimum you can get a licence in is 18, but some DZ's include a few more jumps on short delays, and my DZ included an extra 15 sec delay to transition onto altimeter.
  15. it can be a problem, just think about driving, when you come to a bend in the road, do you think:- "i'll have to slow down a bit then turn the wheel in a certain direction and follow the road" i know i dont think that, i just do it. it should be the same with jumping, and skills that you've learn should just happen rather than being a concious effort. when i want to turn in freefall i just do it rather than thinking what parts of my body i should move. Some of the best coaching i've had was with the babylon freefly team, they give you a short brief on the dive, but their main techniqu is to say just keep eye contact and follow me, i was only just getting into freeflying and learning sit, but by starting off backflying with the coach above me, and him moving down over my head it forced me to go head down (briefly) without even knowing it! I'm sure if he'd told me to go head down i wouldn't have been able to