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  1. Anything you want to know about it ,just ask your Uncle Jonno,been flying those H-500s on powerlines for 8 years.Different company to the one in Video though.
  2. I have been in Beaumont for the last couple of days,actually we are parked next to the hanger there.The airport is trashed,the older T-Hangers are flattened,the Maintenance hangers is half gone.The skydive hanger has lots of big holes in it and i would say the packing area not too bad,just one big hole in the wall.Skinners 150 is on its head at one end of the hanger,but his truck is not scratched.The office and club room is ok.i saw Donny O today and his house is ok,we supplied him with gas for his generator so he has power.The power grid is totalled in S.E. texas as is western may take weeks in order to begin restoring ANY power to the area.I have been flying patrols all the last two days and we dont even know 20% of the extent of the powerline damage.But then i have been in New Orleans since that got hit too,so im somwhat hardened to it now.If you give me an address i can probably find your house and give you a report on it.Anyway im off to bed now.
  3. Well i take my hat off to you guys on the ground there,ive been flying over that swamp all week and i would hate to be in it.Stay safe mate,they wont let us in there without the boys with the big guns.If anyone wants me to look at their place down there,post the co-ordinates and i may be able to go take a looksee.
  4. Just remember that its like freefall, if one hand does something, the other does the opposite.Aft cyclic is done at the same time as lowering the collective and vice-versa,in the tearing a sheet of paper,the feet,well that comes in time.Dont worry i have over 7500 hours in helos and i constantly find new ways to humble myself.And yes that is me flying,you would have to be crazy to sit on the outside of a helicopter,inside a 500,000 volt live powerline and spray water on it wouldnt you?
  5. Acouple of pics of me at work for you.
  6. And that my friends is what we call a Dynamic Roll-over.No way to recover unless you can get the wheel free.Not quite sure why he was making such a fast approach though.
  7. My best advice is learn to FLY.Find an instructor who will teach you to fly the airplane not just get you through a checkride.It may take more hours but in the long run you will be way better off for it.just because someone wears a uniform to work does not make tham a good pilot.Some of the scuffiest pilots i have seen are the ag guys,but they can do things with an aircraft that amaze me.Same holds true in the helicopter world.When the engine quits,do you want to sit with someone who can pass a check ride ,or someone who can get every last ounce of performance out of the Aircraft,and put it down in a busy street on a saturday.
  8. Hours dont expire,once they are logged they count.But being current is way more important,all that will happen is that you will take a little more time to get back upto speed.Just dont lose that logook or you are back to square one in the eyes of the FAA if you cant prove the time.
  9. Very cool,its a long road to a decent paying job,but keep your eye on the prize and it is very worth it.I was all set to head to Flight Safety and be Ace Airspeed the jet pilot but then i went and took a demo flight in a helicopter and didnt get back in fixed wing again for almost two years.Been flying Helos ever since.Anytime i go over 1000ft AGL i think im going to get a nose-bleed
  10. Congrats,ive been a commercial pilot for 15 yrs and i love it,still cant believe people pay me to do this.A quick question,why did you get a first class,my doc charges extra for them and as i dont need it i always just get a Second.
  11. My Micron was very comfortable right from the start,however the fabric on the outside of the back has been really wrinkled from the get go,i sent it back and was told this would go away but so far after 150+ jumps it hasnt.Anyone else have this problem?
  12. Jonno5


    Heres to the girl with the little red shoes She drinks my liquor,She drinks my booze She Aint no virgin,but thats no sin She still has the box the Cherry came in.
  13. The three Musketeers,and anything else by Dumas or Patrick O'Brian