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  1. dont know if its true, but i heard a rumor that someone who had a dick ring went pondsurfing while add a little something extra,he tied some pullup cords(the binding tape kind)to the ring. well he ended up wiping out .after he gets back on shore he discovers the ring is GONE....ouch.
  2. ok so who was this fourth unamed adult??? ol db hisself??
  3. bumblebee pattern was american Papillon not para commander
  4. the rig appears to be a pioneer 4 pin sport container . the angle of the top edge of the container gives it away. an nb8 or nb6 has sides that wrap around the top and bottom by about 2 inches. the b4 has pretty much a side flap that has an edge cut at a constant angle,BUT a pioneer sport container has a rounded contour to the edge of the side flap.also would have to say(based on the shade of the container and contrast of the that the container is made of tan canvas with sage green pack opening bands(p.o.b.s)
  5. thom lyons' website is chock full of info BUT i have seen several inaccuracies when it comes to people and places that we are both familiar with.
  6. "back in the day" when square reserves first came out in 1978, you had to be 1) a licensed rigger and 2) go thru the square reserve riggers couse given by para flite or anyone who had obtained the square reserve rigger/examiner rating from para flite. the program was administered thru USPA. it was dropped sometime in the 80's. so maybe something like that??
  7. can you ,as a rigger , be sued in court ?(even if you didnt fuck up). if so then the term of your responsibility and exposure have indeed been lengthened.and if so then you should be justly compensated
  8. so then ,by your logic, if a rigger packs a reserve and accidentally leaves the molar strap on it,once it given back to the owner/user its their responsibility?
  9. you mean lower steering lines NOT brake lines
  10. NOT TRUE as Ron Edwards (founder of national parachite industries ,and the dpre who gave me my rigging test back in the day) said until that seal is broken you are responsible for whatever is in there.
  11. while indeed it is "the same exact job", the rigger is responsible for his work an extra 60 days, so why shouldnt they be compensated??
  12. Back in the day, one of the common symbols was a pullup cord looped onto your belt.....of course NOWADAYS with people using packers....
  13. those exits look WILD withall that airspeed. did you ever jump at ripcord paracenter in nj??