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  1. crazcbe


    This canopy has super soft openings. They are awesome. As good as any. It flies nice, not super fast. The slider is annoying but its really a minor thing. Dives aren't super steep, but it will dive and with the semi-light riser pressure you can keep it in a dive for a good time. The recovery arc is pretty short and it will pull itself out of the dive. Its great if you dial it in, but start too high and its going to use up all of your flare before you need it. Its pretty responsive, but you're not going to induce line twists on this thing. Its a fun canopy and great to fly.
  2. crazcbe


    I recently purchased my second wings container new from Sunrise. I was having issues with the main (Paratec Rage) packing larger than it was supposed to and not fitting the container well. Rick took care of everything. Sent it back, investigated, and getting it worked out promptly. Best customer service I have experienced in any business, hands down. No long wait, No hassle, No issues. Rick and the team at Sunrise have my highest recommendation. I've put ~500 jumps on my first rig and its still in great condition without any issues. It's great being the owner of two Argus AADs that they are compatible with this rig also. This container is a great fit for me and I'll be jumping a Wings for a long, long time.
  3. how does the camera mount to the top of the bracket?
  4. I learned to jump out here and my only regret is that I will have to jump at another dropzone when I go back to school. Awesome environment and everyone is willing to help. Very friendly people. Great food. Big flat landing area, very hard to miss. I go out and jump every weekend I am home. Best of luck to Rick and Lisa.