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  1. UDSkyJunkie

    Am I the only one in the world?

    Tips? Stop hiring packers... EVER! Yeah, it'll suck really bad for awhile, but you'll learn. Trial by fire. You might also try finding an old F-111 canopy or a well-used ZP canopy that isn't so slippery to practice on. If you've got the technique nailed with a easy-to-pack canopy, it's easier to transition to a tougher one than if you're trying to go strait to ZP.
  2. UDSkyJunkie

    launching a bow from a king air

    use a different plane? I know that's probably not an option, but the King Air has to be the worst plane ever for 4-way. 2 thoughts... your point guy can grip the OC so the OC has both hands to hold the bar, which will help with prop-blast. And you (tail) are probably better off gripping IC in the door and taking OC on the way out instead of the other way around... getting into position is more awkward, but the OC won't be instantly 5 feet away like the IC is. There's no way you're going to get a grip on the IC right out the door consistantly by "flying enough". In an otter/caravan tail can head-jam and take both grips, but probably not in a King air.
  3. UDSkyJunkie


    14.5 stone = about 200 lbs, right? that's really not all that heavy, so unless you're built like a fireplug, a little extra fabric should be all you need. I doubt ZP would help much, although if you don't have them, getting a suit with booties, fat grippers, and inside leg grippers will slow you down a bit, and add functionality as well. If your buddies don't have tight suits, then they're really hosing you and ultimately themselves, as the tighter the suit, the better you can fly. I'm just shy of 140 (10 stone) and regularly fly with people 200-240 lbs (we mid-westerners are a little bigger than you guys in the UK)... weights are the answer, as falling faster is a hell of a lot easier than falling slower. I wear as much as 18 lbs.
  4. UDSkyJunkie

    Quality complete Rig for beginner

    Personal opinion, don't buy new... it'll take some time to figure out exactly what you want in the long term, and quality used gear can be had for great prices... when you later figure out your ideal setup you can sell and get most of your money back before you really dish out the cash for new stuff. That said, if you're dead-set on new stuff, here's my opinions... others will differ. "Best" gear, money is no object: Container: VectorIII with skyhook Main: Spectre or Sabre2 (210 or larger) Reserve: PD-R Reserve (218 or larger) AAD: Cypress II Best value (still very high quality, will probably save $1000 or more) Container: Icon Main: Pilot Reserve: Smart AAD: Cypress II
  5. UDSkyJunkie

    8 Speed rules ??

    A good start would be the 10-way speed rules that are in the skydiver's competition manual. I have heard of various versions of 8-way speed star rules... biggest possible discrepancy with official 10-way rules is that in 10-way you can't leave 100% linked, whereas in some versions of 8-way you can (allowing a time of 0.0 seconds if you can chunk a no-show 8-way star).
  6. UDSkyJunkie

    rigging question???

    I don't see how most of that stuff could be caused by unstowed/fired brake lines... I also think it's pretty unlikley you could have both fire. If there is velcro over the reserve toggles like most rigs I've seen it'd be almost impossible. The most I would expect is a weird opening, and maybe it would get some twists or surge forward, but once the wing is inflated the toggles being set or not should be irrelevant. Did you have the canopy inspected? any damage found? I don't think I've ever seen or heard of so many things going wrong with a canopy at the same time! Sure as hell not a reserve. sounds like you had quite a ride.
  7. I really think the "why would you ever want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" question is really a textbook defense mechanism... it's an impossible to answer question that makes us look like idiots, thus preventing the wuffo from having to admit that they have smaller dicks than us. Fans of George Carlin will appreciate this all the more. I've tried different approaches, all without success so far... but I think my next one will be to ask the question right back about a sport that the wuffo probably admires: "Why would anyone want to tailgate someone at 200 mph for 2 hours?" "Why would anyone want to get tackled by a 350 lb linebacker?" If they go into broken record mode, f*** 'em. I've stopped caring. P.S. Peter Pan has to be the least manly comeback... EVER!
  8. UDSkyJunkie


    in my area I've seen fewer optimas in favor of neptunes. I went with Optima because it was ~$50 cheaper and served the same purpose... works great. Only drawback is I have to turn it off every weekend or the battery gets eaten up in about 6 months.
  9. UDSkyJunkie

    used canopy pricing

    If I was looking to buy a used Tri, I'd be looking to pay $500 or less. Maybe a bit more if it's pretty new and in good shape (which it sounds like yours is). Not saying that should be your asking price, just that that's what I would be looking for as a buyer.