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  1. Does anyone know the amounts of fuel per load (or per skydive), expressed as gallons or pounds, used during skydive operations for any of the most popular aircraft?
  2. I just did a Yahoo! image search on "Carolyn Kepcher" (Trump's right-hand woman) because I...um...want to be on Apprentice and the first picture to come up showed her sporting a Skydive Chicago t-shirt. Does anyone know if she's a licensed jumper, one-timer or what?
  3. Do you happen to know the final tally of registered jumpers?
  4. Current flightline (according to their mailing list): Crosskeys Super SkyVan Mullins King Air Skydive Chicago Super Otter Pilatus Porter Crosskeys Helicopter
  5. Of keep, supported by their significant other. Sometimes employed part-time at the dz or elsewhere.
  6. I'm thinking of starting a pub called "Kept Man Quarterly" and am wondering if there would be sufficient interest in such a venture. TC
  7. There's a guy at Skydive Rick's in Ohio, USA. His name is Greg and his email is on the staff page. http://www.skydivericks.com/SDR_staff.htm http://www.skydivericks.com/images/photos_tandem/gstdm2.jpg Ask him for a copy of the picture in which his *passenger's* leg is falling off! Update: I found the pic...it's on the site at http://www.skydivericks.com/images/photos_tandem/petes_return.jpg TC
  8. Does anyone know the condition of the cart driver who was involved in the truck-cart collision?
  9. The Pilot, by most accounts, is the same canopy as the Hornet formerly put out by Parachute Industries of South Africa (PISA). It's semi-elliptical and most often compared to the Sabre2. Any specific differences between the Pilot and the Hornet, delivered by persons-in-the-know, would be much appreciated!
  10. It happens to me with a 2002 model Wings. I don't see it as a problem, in fact it's reassuring to know that it stays put so securely.
  11. What is it about the tests that don't seem appropriate? (Please post your specific concerns, as well as any relevant references to other threads.) Thanks!
  12. But are you sure you're unaffected? Two additional categories labeled something like "Pin made outside of bulletin parameters, tested and PASSED" and "Pin made outside of bulletin parameters, tested and FAILED" would likely yield interesting results. I'm not seeing how I can make this modification, however. Of course, persons falling into the "FAILED" categories are especially encouraged to post to this thread! Kurt
  13. Did your pin pass or fail either of the mandatory tests stated in Capewell Service Bulletin CW03-01?
  14. Not worth the money is right! Here's a summary of my experience: 1) My girlfriend ordered "Reaper Cam" as a Christmas present. 2) The DVD arrived, but was not functional on any of the 3 DVD players with which viewing was attempted, and was obviously of homegrown quality as evidenced by the tint of the disk. 3) The disk was returned and a VHS copy was requested. 4) After several weeks had passed, the owner sent an email asking if the video had been sent. 5) The owner stated it would be mailed shortly after my reply stating it had not arrived. 6) Many weeks have passed and no video has arrived. 7) The owner has been non-responsive to my emails regarding its whereabouts, when it was shipped, with whom it was shipped, and the tracking number. Definitely not worth the money!!!
  15. Hi All- I've a 2002 cypres and make a habit of turning it off at the end of the day. Last Saturday I couldn't get the sucker to shut down. I asked someone else to try it in case I was just loosing my touch, but he couldn't do it either. A couple of people said "don't worry, I can't turn mine off either." Does anyone else know this to be a common occurance of which I should not be concerned, or perhaps you know otherwise? Thanks, TC