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  1. Interesting point. We've always heard that when there is necessity, the world will find an alternate energy source. Besides an economy that is based on oil crumbling, will we see a new horizon for what we consider "energy"?
  2. I agree. It could get depressing after a while
  3. How about teaching your son before he's a teenager (at age, oh I dunno, 3?) not to hit/harass/threaten girls.
  4. School of troubled children... kid says he didn't do anything (obviously)... teacher says he saw him squaring off to a female student in the class (did he attack her?)... If so, then he deserves an ass kicking. I side with the teacher on this one (if the above situation is true). I'm tired of PC bullshit getting in the way of raising an honorable society. No, I don't condone adults assaulting children. I do condone someone standing up for the girl who was being harassed. What the fuck were the other students doing sitting there laughing the whole time? I blame the parents. Raise shit heads then blame the world when it crashes down on them. Edit to say I didn't actually see the video, just the pictures in the article. It was taken off of youtube. She may well have gone overboard, so the law should step in, but I'm still with my original statement that it's the parents in the end to blame.
  5. I really don't blame shah with the whole standards thing. Sure, it's not necessary to broadcast it... but that seems to be his personality. I don't care who you are... everyone has some type of standards. Whether that is their looks, bank account, stability, sense of humor... whatever. For most people, it's obviously the whole package that matters. But there has to be some initial spark that keeps you interested, and then as you burrow down and learn more about said person, you might find that all of their qualities click with you. Sure, there might be an outrageously unattractive member of the opposite sex who is charming, sweet, and all around awesome... but if there isn't even physical attraction to drive some kind of sexual desire whats the point? I'm not saying "only super models are worth it", I'm saying that your partner must be somewhat attractive to you. Then, as your relationship grows, so too will that attraction. Let's spin this another way for all you nay-sayers. Let's pretend there's a member of the opposite sex who is attractive, wealthy, charming, sweet, funny... everything you like. Buuuut, they have a tendency to view child porn occasionally (a habit they don't try to keep secret). Nothing harmful... everyone has their weird fantasies I suppose. Would you be willing to overlook this flaw, because the rest of the person is so perfect? Would there be a second date? I don't know. I understand where the crass attitude of "she's not hot enough for me" can be disconcerting to some people, but to some extent, everyone has their limit. The above example is obviously retarded, but it demonstrates that the whole package is what is important. If someone doesn't respect their body enough to work out a few times a week... well, that's a character flaw. There's no reason to be rude about it... but there's also no reason to settle when finding someone you are attracted to, both physically and emotionally.
  6. They said cunt in Oklahoma... and the rest of the US.
  7. I guess you didn't read Roger Ebert's review... though I don't blame you. His reviews suck.
  8. yeah, she said it. That was about the time some old lady behind me said "this isn't what I thought it was" and left. haha, what a great movie. Edit: And yeah, I guess cunt in America generally is very derogative towards women. Much more than bitch or anything. If you call a woman a cunt, everyone is kind of shocked. If you call another guy a cunt, it just makes you sound crude.
  9. Yeah, I do. I know most people obviously don't, but the way things are going, it won't be too long till at least those "next big thing" types of people have em. With the release of 3D tvs now (aka 120hz which have been out for a while... just have a new "3D ready!" marketing twist), it's just a short matter of time.
  10. 22 weeks... damn. is it common for people to abort that late in the pregnancy? aborition is an issue i try to avoid in political discussions, and as a result of never knowning anyone to go through with one i don't know much about the specifics. But, damn, isn't it a bit late by that point?
  11. They could easily release a 3D version now. There is plenty of technology out there for it (especially on computers). They just want people to buy the regular version now, and then buy the 3D one again down the road. All a marketing scam
  12. My wife is very interested in sports nutrition and working out and all that. She is the same height as you, and right at your target weight (120). Here's a couple things to consider from what I've learned from her and my own workout research. Many small meals a day is a great plan. It boosts your metabolism and keeps you from highs and lows throughout the day. You'll consistently feel satisfied and won't be craving bad foods. With that said, 1200 is not nearly enough for an hour of heavy lifting and an hour of cardio. Even if you're trying to lose weight, your body won't be able to sustain itself. How much will you need exactly? Hard to say. Here's an easily solution though... Eat all you want. There, I said it. If you're that active (and actually maintain that level of activity) your body will tell you what it needs. Don't try to go hungry. On that note, you must stick to healthy foods. Heavy on greens, light on red meat, heavy on chicken and fish, light on dairy, etc. Common sense really. Cook for yourself. Make lots of salads. Don't eat processed bs. In a day, if you're not in the mood to work out, weight lifting is more effective than cardio. At first you might not lose much weight... it takes time. You will be converting fat to muscle, so you might even gain weight! In time though, the excess energy stored in your system will wear down. It just takes time. And for the original question... no. Protein shakes are total BS. Along those line, pretty much all supplements are bs except for normal multivitamins. If you have the protein powder there, and you want to make a fruit smoothie with it or something, go for it. But, eating a piece of chicken will give you all the protein you need. So stacking it on top of your other meals means you'll just end up pooping the extra protein out. Well, there's my 2 cents. Take it for what it's worth.
  13. yeah. tons of fun. i've been playing it in 3D on my computer. I have fun just flying around the mountains and looking at everything pop out of the screen. What a trip.