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  1. woowooo!!!!!! congrats!
  2. there's a link to her picture Please help!!!
  3. yeah I don't think mine would sit still long enough to have anything trimmed, he freaked out when I needed to cut something out of his fur! The reason I say it's claws v. no claws is Ashley kind of gave up when she realized she couldn't fight on their level, and the other two realize she's scared and bully her for it (one more violently than the other). She really just won't have the introduction, as you said...she needs to go somewhere to be the queen!
  4. How'd you get them ON? I think my cat would put up quite the fight... We really need to pair down to 2 cats though, we haven't found a rental that will allow 3...
  5. oh yeah, and I've heard all the chinese food jokes :)
  6. So I'm relocating to Santa Rosa, CA from Detroit (YAY)....and i need help with adopting out one of our cats. I've got an 8 year old, declawed, wonderful female gray cat named Ashley (not my idea, thank my mom) that is in desperate need of a good home. She was originally mine, but my mom wouldn't let me take her when I moved out...but when she passed away I ended up with the cat again. Thanks to the fact that our other two cats are clawed she hasn't had the best living situation, and she's basically got her own room to keep the other two out. I've been trying to adopt her out on and off for 2 years with no luck and now I'm kind of in a rush situation to find her a home. I honestly wish I didn't have to get rid of her, she's an awesome cat, but her living situation isn't fair to her and we really can't take 3 cats to California and the other two pull seniority on her. I've tried no kill shelters here in MI, but due to the economy, they're all full. I'm going to try some out in Cali, but it would be awesome for her to get an actual home. I can post a picture of her later today, but I figured I'd ask for help now.
  7. HOLY SHIT!. i could not stop laighing at this one, Capt Corn, now thats funny stuff, Yes i leave Friday Morning and will be stopping at the Harrahs just outside Chicago for a few hours and then on to Ottawa. I hear there are lots of corn fields at SDC, so maybe I can match you :)
  8. El Greggo, Captain Corn....when will you be at Summerfest???
  9. AnKaLi

    Good Deed

    Living in Detroit has made me wary of "pay it forward" One example, driving home from dinner we stopped to give a homeless guy with a sign our food, he took it, made a face, and asked if we AT LEAST had a cigarette...
  10. the picture associated with it cracks me up
  11. I don't think I could ever change my opening altitude because someone else wanted me to, especially if it made me really uncomfortable.
  12. Does that mean there won't be any triathlons at summerfest?? Thats a bummer