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  1. if you have a PCIT malfunction you will remain in belly to earth orientation. a Bag Lock will almost certainly sit you up in your harness.
  2. That was very educational. Thank you I understand the concept of amortizing the capital expenditures and the inventory carriyng costs to a unit of production quite well. When I examined my hospital bill, I found several line items for tools, so charges for those were captured separately. I do not believe per unit costs I quoted included any allocation for the tools used.
  3. No not a lot, just a rod and a couple of screws. Just for the hadware: 1 rod - $9,520 2 crews - $1,320 each it took me exactly 3 month to get back to jumping - first jump was a tandem recurrency :). i am trying to get back to my running routine.
  4. If you have a better definition than "very expensive", "very good reasons" and "a lot" than your expert opinion will be a valuable contribution to the discussion and will be much appreciated.
  5. Looking to establish a benchmark of what is directionally "reasonable" for simple othopedic harware : screws, bolts, rods, plates. What is the range of prices (medical chardes) ?
  6. your post did not contribute much to what i already knew. I was looking for a "qualified" advice. Thanks for your input, anyway. Here is what IRS has to say: "Ordinary and necessary expenses paid for the cost of the education and training of your employees are deductible. See Education Expenses in chapter 2. You may also deduct the cost of your own education (including certain related travel) related to your trade or business. You must be able to show the education maintains or improves skills required in your trade or business, or that it is required by law or regulations, for keeping your license to practice, status, or job. Education expenses you incur to meet the minimum requirements of your present trade or business, or those that qualify you for a new trade or business, are not deductible. This is true even if the education maintains or improves skills presently required in your business. For more information on education expenses, see Publication 970." it is here page 77
  7. Looking for a qualified advice or a reference to publications on writing off training jumps and AFF/TI course costs. thank you
  8. +1 that works best. i also try to run back with a canopy and make sure it falls on its tail pushing all the air out. saves a minute or two on folding the canopy or dragging it full of air to a hangar in high winds. it works great untill you are coming straight down or backing up, then you need catchers.
  9. Skydive Tecumseh is a great place to jump. we have a Super Otter that fly to a minimum of 14.5K AGL available for AFF and c-182 for IAD students. landing area here is a lot more appropriate for student training than in Midwest Freefall. AFF First Jump Courses are typically scheduled every Fri night, around 5 PM check the website for more info. and make sure to inspect our AFF gear when you come to visit- it is all brand new this year
  10. wouldn't an altimeter on a TI's hand be considered visually accessible by a student?
  11. why do you want to flare from 1/2 brakes? accuracy? tight landing area? you can do your final approach 1/2 brakes or even closer to your canopy stall point, release your brakes (if altitude allowes) inducing a dive and build air speed required for an efficient flare.
  12. looking for useful info/contacts Dec 19-Jan 5th please PM
  13. Did you pull cutaway handle? What system? Was the system equipped with sky hook? Did your AAD fire? By the way, try spell check. It works wonders
  14. hahaha. you are funny. do me a favor- send me info on those places, i will go visit. i really want to get under that kind of pressure