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  1. Well It's good to hear he's ok, but you would think that someone (that knows everything) would know that 30 mph winds arent good to jump in! But hey, thats why im not pro rated. Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  2. Hey, Its hard to believe that you are not going to jump anymore. I havent jumped in a few months now and I'm also thinking about not jumping anymore! Cost is getting to be to much and once you havent jumped in a while, you find out that there are better things to blow hundreds of dollars on! Well I'm glad to say I've been able to jump with you before!
  3. HELLO!! Welcome to the best sport ever!! I bet Australia is GREAT. One of the many places I would like to see. BLUE SKIES! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  4. Welcome and Hello, We have something in common. I also made my first jump in Hawaii in oct. 2000. Your in for a ride!! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  5. Welcome to Houston!! What gemini said!! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  6. I never got the chance to know holly but evertime I saw her post and the smiling face with the fingure ,It made me smile. God bless and blue skies holly! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  7. Now that's some funny shit! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  8. Were're with you!! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  9. Had my collar come out of my jump suit before except it had a button on it Now you talk about hurt like HELL! I tried putting it back in while in freefall and my friend that I was jumping with said I looked like I was haveing an attack or something...
  10. Caravan Cessna 182 and one other (smaller) Otter Super otter Mullins King Air 2 different helicopters 2 Hot Air balloons Bi-plane Skyvan Casa Hummm, thats it for now! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  11. Small town cops have nothing better to do when there are'nt any sheep around! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  12. Know what you mean! Knew someone that thought friend was just a word too! Oh, and he also said you can't measure friendship. Those are useally the ones that blame everyone else. Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  13. Congrates!!!!!!!! Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  14. Eat right, exercise, dont smoke, and still DIE!.....lol Gravity powered...Air cooled!
  15. I dont see how speeding and being a convicted killer can even compare!!! Great..lets save the life of someone that takes it away from other people. I'm sure if it was one of your family members lifes she took,you just might have a different opinion. Gravity powered...Air cooled!