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  1. Give the place time. You will see what I'm talking about. You love a place that the DZO uses people like at this Casa boogie. Has one of his instructors pay for everything and doesn't reimburse them. Charged students the 35 boogie fee and then tells them they can't jump out of the casa. Charges a extra 10 bucks for food each night. Whats the boogie fee for then. I can go on and on but I'll say it again no one is listening. The place sucks.
  2. Cause the place sucks. They advertise heli jumps with no heli. Beach jumps then don't let you do them. Take you to 11.5 and charge 25 bucks for it. Charge a boogie fee but give you nothing for that fee. I can go on and on but as you can see no one is listening.
  3. Well, someone is, but it's not TK. He wasn't present when the business started in late 1992. Jerry Bird was the first manager, then Matt O'Gwinn, then me, then TK. TK is not responsible for way that the verbal agreement was made to supply aircraft and fuel. He just has to deal with the fallout. If anyone made the mistake here, it's FFE, as they have little or no recourse to force Skydive City to use them for aircraft support. Billy doesn't really have much of a dog in this race. The best he can do is to try to start a new DZ at both DeLand and Z Hills. Good luck with that. Oh, and you're clearly a ranch hand, it shouldn't bother you too much. Remember, you guys aren't going there any more, remember ? Sebastian here I come.
  4. No really! You dont say. Thanks for stating the obvious. That was to let people know whats going on.... Not to go on a bashing of one DZO or another. To be honest I can care less who bashes who on here. I rarely come on here because of this double standard of people that dont even skydive. What happened to shut the fuck up and jump! Listen their are three sides to every story and you are getting one side here. TK's side and for him to come on here a state that there were no agreements is bullshit.[edit: personal attack removed. Craig. ] Why would you do business without a agreement. Even further this whole situation is because both parties didn't agree on terms and parted ways. So I guess TK is full of shit because there must of been some sort of agreement for them to disagree in the first place. You want to talk facts go right ahead. It makes for good reading. If not let the courts figure this out and lets skydive instead of posting bullshit online Have a great day!
  5. I just talked to the FAA in the eastern region on this matter two days ago. My understanding is the other is for Air traffic controllers. That's the answer the FAA gave me.
  6. So what you are saying is: Billy just showed up with his planes and you said ok ill use them. Why did you two not have an agreement? If thats the case. Whats the problem then? It’s obvious that Billy is upset about something. I’m sorry to say, skydiving is a business. This happens in our great country all of the time, it is called Capitalism. Sorry to offend any left wing liberal socialists here. Home depot and Lowe's do business up the block from each other across our country. I call bullshit when I see it and, TK, I’m sorry you are going through this. I am truly sincere. If you are going to have partners that help start your business, you might want to get agreements in writing. I think you did the same thing that's happening to you, to the past DZ. The old saying, what comes around goes around. As far as this thread. If this is not a personal attack on the Richards then I dont know what is... Shame on you DROPZONE.com and its monitors for allowing this to go this far. I predict one of those little locks to appear next to this thread in the very near future.
  7. Send FFE an eviction notice & bill for parts storage and then put their stuff out on the curb. . Hello Jan Meyer, Am I correct in assuming you may represent us on the United States Board of Directors as a National Candidate? If so, how the hell can you take a stance in a civil dispute between two dropzones. Mind you, I am certain both are USPA dropzones. So it is safe to say, you will not remain neutral and listen to all of the facts before you open your mouth in a public forum advising a USPA dropzone owner be kicked to the curb? This is exactly why I didn’t vote for you, and I encouraged others not to; you can’t keep your mouth shut. You just can’t help it. You may have a well known name across the country due to your years of service or even your involvement in formation jumping but you are far from politically correct. It is my understanding from people who were on the board that you opening your mouth was a Direct reason that the settlement against USPA had to be negotiated prior to any trial. And yes I understand that the insurance company absorbed the settlement but that is a very callus point of view. As a national director, I am hoping for a more professional stance on issues that come to your attention. I am shocked and appalled at your suggestion. I think if this were a sporting event you would receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Please explain.
  8. My question is ... How many jumps does one have to do in a year to count that said year as time in sport. Do you have to make a jump every year to count that year? If you say yes to the second question. I would like to know why? If I am a engineer for 30 but I don't work in the field for two of those years. Should I tell people I have been doing it for 28 years.No I would say I Have 30 years.
  9. I think you can see that it's completely biased. Daniel Connor is most likely a jumper and/or staff member of one of the dzs, probably Skydive Long Island. You think... Genius
  10. http://www.longislandskydivingcenters.com/ Im sorry didnt you put this site up? Maybe you should take your own advice
  11. -1 for USPA This will change nothing... I think USPA did this to shut people up. People are still going to be able to get a coach rating one weekend and a I rating the next and have no teaching skills. What does that do for our sport? No matter how may jumps you have , You should have to hold a coach rating one year before getting a I. HALF MEASURES EVAL NOTHING!!!! That's what uspa did here... NOTHING as usual!!!!
  12. Or maybe some fun jumpers.. SDLI is a tandem factory that tolerates fun jumpers. I can think of a few times that I was bumped off a load for a tandem... I also have heard if you don't like it, pay the toll. (Go to another drop zone) That's thier famous line. Now nobody will have to pay a toll. Just drive a couple miles down the road.
  13. http://www.27east.com/story_detail.cfm?id=257361&town=Westhampton&n=Skydive%20business%20wants%20to%20open%20at%20Gabreski%20Airport Looks like Long Island will finally have a real DZ. Not just a tandem factory