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  1. That's weird... i would have thought that a world record set in Europe would also be a European record, but then again geography isn't my strongest subject
  2. I've also had a zipper stuck on an older P2. It go stuck on the piece of fabric that is there to prevent you getting the zipper stuck on a t-shirt... Like someone has said before, this isn't an issue on newer PF suits - (such as my Havok Carve that i've never had a zipper stuck)
  3. Not replying to anyone, but reading this thread made me think of a scenario. In the event of a forced landing, would it be better to have the door open whilst descending? I guess that you've got to weigh up the risk of someone/something rolling out whilst the plane is descending/crashing against the plane crashing and suffering from some fuselage damage that means that door won't open and people not being able to get out from a wreck that might be on fire...
  4. Drinking a beer when a passenger on a wingsuit rodeo or perhaps 6 way freefly all wearing Mankini's!
  5. Here's the video from that trip, featuring some great footage from Brutus too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKXeeOdAwPw Next one will be even better
  6. A load of brits are going to Castellon in October for a week, an end of season boogie so the porter will be running all week. Flights are currently £59+baggage direct to Castellon from Stansted. We'll also be mostly wingsuiting, tracking and freeflying...you're more than welcome to come along. Douchebags at the Beach - part dos
  7. In skydiving it's pretty important to do a decent wave off. If you're pulling directly from full flight then it's hard to see how this can be achieved unless you're waving off and then going back to full flight to deploy. Personally, i find it easier to do the wave off and stay partially collapsed and then pull. Others may do it differently.
  8. My mistake, i made the assumption you were in England...
  9. Balloon jumps rarely happen in England as the BPA state that you have to land on the DZ landing area, which as you'd expect is pretty tough to do from a balloon jump. Best bet is to just go abroad and do one...probably much cheaper aswell. They range from 35 quid (lithuania) to 65 quid (perris and dubai)
  10. Superb photo! There's a group of 12 of us coming from the UK to Dubai soon and have pencilled in a balloon jump, half of us are wingsuiters so it would be cool to do something similar!
  11. Ask him if he thinks that you still fall at the same speed when your parachute is open compared to when it was closed. (although probably more scientifically correct if it was a round parachute as it's not a wing) That should hopefully help him understand the surface area plays a pretty big role.
  12. No argument there from me. I'm going because I like big ways - I'm doing a 128-way RW event the week before. Expensive, yes, but my kids are grown and gone, my house, cars and plane are paid for, and I need to spend my kids' inheritance before they get it. Fair enough, can't argue with that. I on the other hand have been putting off real life for a long time and have no house, car, plane or kids. Maybe if I lived in the states and didnt have to fly over from England then maybe i wouldn't moan so much,. wow...thats an incredibly high price...we managed to run a multiplane (high experience) world record bigway here at 25,00 per jump or 15.000 ft jumps, and the margin on that included all slots, airplane ferry flights, dayfee, food and travel expenses for the organizers without any additional overcharge or registration fee for the participants. But guess 75k for expenses always comes in handy... That's what i was comparing it too as i was there As unused lobs are refunded at $30 that's $528 in expenses, must be one hell of a goody bag!