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  1. flyhi

    Monterey Bay doesn't want you.

    Quite an asshole thing to say...;)


    You're not experienced enough for Lodi.

    What specifically makes me not experienced enough? Low number of jumps, not having jumped for a while, or just some attitude from someone who has more jumps than I do? :P


    I always enjoyed Bay Area Skydiving and Skydance.
    Wherever you go, call first.

    See, this is good and polite advice. Thank you, your highness. :D

  2. NWFlyer

    ***Good point ;)

    I need to get recurrent and do several fun jumps. That's...about it! :D

    Personally for those two things I'd choose either Skydive California in Tracy (closer to San Jose) or Skydance in Davis (farther).

    Thanks! B|

  3. Bing

    I love you, brother. We have our whole lives, indeed, just not enough of them. See you next time, Ron. BSBD.

    Was shocked to hear of this. I haven't been much to my home DZ in CT in a while, and haven't seen him in a long time. But he always very friendly with a kind word, a joke, a handshake, or a laugh if I screwed up a skydive and everyone else laughed at me, which was quite often. BSBD Ron.

  4. It really IS sex related!!

    I know that skydivers don't really LIKE to use condoms....but still...:):P

    I recently saw a contest for custom condom design, and of course I created an ambigram of the phrase "I Love Sex". An ambigram is a word that can be read in one direction, and then when rotated 180 degrees, can be read as the same (or a different) phrase. But, this phrase says 'I Love Sex' in both directions.

    So, I need some votes please! Only a few days left...and I was just able to finish the design today. Need the power of my fellow skydivers to get several thousand votes in the next week or so. Can it be done?? :S:oB|

    Thanks in advance everyone!!!

  5. Deyan

    ***Currently I'm flying a Triathlon 210, with a Raven II 218 reserve. Vector 2 container. Both the container and reserve are over 20 years old, and several packers already told me the wouldn't feel comfortable repacking the reserve and calling it 100% air-worthy.

    Well, maybe you should go to a rigger instead ;)

    Doh. I'm an idiot. I meant 'rigger' :S:P

  6. Currently I'm flying a Triathlon 210, with a Raven II 218 reserve. Vector 2 container. Both the container and reserve are over 20 years old, and several packers already told me the wouldn't feel comfortable repacking the reserve and calling it 100% air-worthy.

    Which brings me to my next question. I got a Rigging Innovations Talon container from a fellow skydiver, which fits a 190main/176 reserve. Any suggestions on canopies? I have 15-20 jumps on Sabre2 190, so that won't be a huge downsize from the Tri210. Any suggestions on a reserve to go along with a Saber2 190? Any other 190 canopy recommendations would be welcomed as well.

  7. tigra

    Do you want durable or good? I have been using V-Moda earbuds for years. They are comfortable, stay in my ears, I LOVE the quality of the sound, and they block everything else. At least half the price of BOSE, probably closer to 25% depending on where you buy them (Costco used the carry them and would put them on sale several times a year) and really amazing sound. I've paid anywhere from $20.00 to $60.00 for them and I have gone through several- especially when I was going to the gym 4 times a week! If the wires get bent or chewed they are toast, and the earlier versions seemed much more fragile. (My cat got one pair, the others just got bent or damaged through regular wear and tear or rollng them up to stuff them in a case.) Anyway, I think they are making them better now. I have had my current pair for a few years with no problems.

    I'd prefer durable AND good. :ph34r:
    Thanks Tigra!! Much appreciated. I'll take a look a those.

  8. I'm looking for a good durable pair of earbud headphones. The Apple-type ones I go through very quickly. I use them for traveling, gym, etc...and they break down way too quickly for my liking.

    Any recommendations on good DURABLE earbud headphone? Thanks y'all!! B|

  9. yoink

    Didn't see one when I was there about 4 years ago.

    Heavily wooded with regular tropical storms in the afternoons doesn't sound like a great location to me! ;)

    Why not? Would give someone a chance to perfect their proximity flying and tree avoidance techniques. :ph34r::P

  10. LuckyMcSwervy

    PADI has eLearning if that helps you out with the bookwork. It saved me tons of time because I just can't sit in a classroom at night after working all day and retain anything important. Do the class online at your own pace (but make sure it's not longer than a year or you'll have to purchase the course again).

    Diving is awesome. Good luck!!

    Thanks!! I'm so 'lucky' to know ya ;) B|

  11. headoverheels

    Yes, been there 3 times. Nice easy diving, would be a great
    place to learn.

    You should give strong consideration to getting your rating before going -- would probably be cheaper, and you could get right into the fun stuff. Another option is to do a referral rating, where you do the bookwork and pool dives at home, then just do the open water dives when you get there. That will get you done with your rating in two days, leaving more days for more interesting diving.

    OTOH, if you are going for two weeks, rather than one, not such a need to learn ahead of time.

    If you haven't already, check out the Bonaire forum on Another useful site is

    I don't have much suggestion as to who to use for lessons there.

    Not that much to do in Bonaire other than diving.

    Thanks a lot for the tips. Much appreciated!! B|

    Looking at Aruba too....torn between the two. And I have friends that live in Trinidad and Tobago...looking at that as well. Damn it!!! :D:ph34r::ph34r:

  12. LuckyMcSwervy

    Have you heard of anyone getting weird random texts like that?

    Yes I have, but it's either a scam or debt collectors. :S

    Sometimes they're one and the same. :P:D:D:ph34r:

  13. LuckyMcSwervy

    This site is similar to Post Secret but you don't mail things you just post online:

    I'm looking at some of them now. Some are interesting and some don't seem too bad. Well, except the guy having a 6 month long affair with his daughter after they hadn't seen each other for 20 years. :o:o:o

    What the f....? That's an episode of Law & Order: SVU just waiting to be filmed!!!! :S

    And seriously...what is wrong with some people??

  14. LuckyMcSwervy

    Twice this week I've received a text message from a 333-333-3333 number just stating "Tell Me A Secret". :o

    I have no idea who it could be. I Googled "tell me a secret" thinking it's some weird scam but couldn't find anything relevant to receiving texts, just a website called "Text Me A Secret".

    I didn't answer but I was tempted to text back something totally off the wall messed up just to be a smacker.

    Has anyone else received anything similar?

    ETA: It could be an interesting Bonfire game. ;)

    If I told you it wouldn't be a secret WOULD IT? SHEESH!!!